Caring for a child with Down syndrome and sleep difficulties: the parents’ experience
Jasneek Chawla, CHRC

Altered bone mineral content and body composition in children and adolescents with confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure
Sophia Young, CHRC

Efficacy of interventions to improve gross motor function in children aged 2-6 years with bilateral cerebral palsy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Kate McLeod, CHRC

Total body naevus counts in Queensland adults: prospective population-based study
Dilki Jayasinghe, CHSR

The role of macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor Receptor (CSF1R) signalling in the development of high fat diet Induced obesity and liver steatosis
Jesse Masson, MRI-UQ

SCF-complex mediated restriction of mitophagy 
Keri-Lyn Subramanian, SBMS

Hypothyroidism in pregnancy induces sex-specific placental perturbations which may contribute to fetal growth restriction
Nykola Kent, SBMS

Targeting the circadian clock modulates the effects of light on the brain
Nicholas Garner, SBMS

Using time-lapse imaging to study how development and errors occur at the beginning of life
Yunan Ye, UQCCR

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia causal mutations in novel and known PCD genes in an Australian paediatric cohort
Ellie Maas, UQDI

About 2021 HDR Symposium

This free two-day event will include presentations from HDR students across UQ’s Faculty of Medicine, as well as keynote presentations, workshops and panel sessions to support students through the various stages of their PhD and career options thereafter.

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