12. Hypnotherapy for procedural pain and distress in children: A scoping review - Daly Geagea, CHRC
13. The feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of an app-based intervention (CopingCamp) for stress management among high school students in China - Xiaoyun Zhou, CHSR
14. “Lucky” and valuing a “Normal” Life: Longer-term experiences of families of children with dextro-transposition of the great arteries - Karen Eagleson, MRI-UQ
15. Targeting the circadian clock modulates the effects of light on the brain - Nicholas Garner, SBMS
16. The diagnostic utility of pleural fluid extracellular vesicles for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma - Tian Mun Chee, SBMS
17. Detection of dengue 1 virus in human whole blood, plasma, and serum with near-infrared spectroscopy - Brendon Goh, SPH
18. The impact of shortages on antimicrobial resistance in Fiji - James Harris, SPH
19. Developing molecular diagnostics for antibiotic resistant gonorrhea - Olivia Jessop, UQCCR
20. Two birds with one stone: Can Neisseria gonorrhoea empiric treatment cure Mycoplasma genitalium infection - Lebogang Pamela Mhango, UQCCR
21. Flagging ovarian cancer cells for destruction by Natural Killer cells - Joshua Wong, UQDI
22. Rab6b localises to the Golgi complex in macrophages and promotes TNF release in response to mycobacterial infection - Leslie Carolina Dominguez Cadena, UQDI

About 2021 HDR Symposium

This free two-day event will include presentations from HDR students across UQ’s Faculty of Medicine, as well as keynote presentations, workshops and panel sessions to support students through the various stages of their PhD and career options thereafter.

Download program (PDF, 1.6 MB)