Planning an event at UQ

UQ has specific policies and procedures relating to the running of events at UQ sites. Organisers of events, both internal and external, can apply to use University buildings and campuses as the venue for events.

Responsibilities for events

Security Section within the Property and Facilities Division are responsible for monitoring, approving and controlling events on campus and for providing approvals of applications for permission to keep or consume intoxicating liquor on site.

Learn more about event approval and control procedures at UQ

Event Planning

When planning and conducting events, consideration must be made of OHS issues, security and emergency procedures, alcohol and food management, public vs private access, and associated noise and impact on surrounding areas.

An Event Planner document and specialist advice is available from the UQ Security Events Officer at If you’re planning a faculty event, please also contact and we can help with documentation for the Event Planner, risk assessments and in some cases, first aid support at the event on the day.