Research Week

“Our early career researchers play a major role in our Faculty and for Research Week 2017, we’re sharing the stories of seven young researchers who are making an impact in their chosen field. See how they juggle work with life outside of UQ and discover what inspired them to pursue a career in research. I encourage all staff to take a moment this week to celebrate the outstanding work our researchers are doing across our Faculty and I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I did.”

Professor Liz Eakin
Associate Dean (Research)


Dr Kirsty Short

“What I like about research is the independence you have, the freedom you have, and the intellectual challenge. When you're in the lab and you see a result, and you know at that point in time, you are the only person in the world who knows that. There's nothing more exciting.”

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Dr Linda Gallo

“Scientists are working incredibly hard. We are trying to figure out what it is that causes disease and what we can do to try and prevent it.”

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Dr Anish Menon

“What I'm doing is rethinking the model of diabetes care. We can empower people, better help them with their self-management. We're creating a change, a change for the better.”

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Christine Andrews

“It still feels like a real privilege to come and do research and actually just have time to really delve deeply into one particular topic.”

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Dr Luke Knibbs

“Research is probably, at least in my experience, about 75% failure and disappointment, but the 25% of successes make the 75% well worth it.”

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Dr Meghna Talekar

“It would make a tremendous difference in people's lives in terms of the quality of life that they would have and also the cost on the economy in terms of medications or hospitalisations that are involved with these specific conditions.”

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Dr Andrea Coleman

“We think that looking at probiotics specifically targeted for Aboriginal children is the next thing. If we can solve this problem the impact to these children’s lives are huge.”

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