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ADHD, sleep and melatonin

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common behavioural condition that affects thousands of children and families in Australia. ADHD is a complex disorder involving difficulties with hyperactivity, concentration and attention. Children with ADHD often have difficulty sleeping, especially problems trying to settle down in the evening. This can be complicated by the medications used to treat ADHD, such as stimulants like Ritalin and Dexamphetamine.

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by a part of the brain called the pineal gland. It is often described as the hormone of sleep and it helps to regulate other hormones and maintain the body’s circadian rhythm. Melatonin has been used in children to help with their sleep from time to time, but this scientific research will determine whether there is a true effect in individual children with ADHD who are taking stimulants.

To be eligible for this study children must be:

  • Aged between six and 17 years
  • Diagnosed with ADHD
  • Being treated with stimulant medication
  • Experiencing sleep difficulties, particularly getting to sleep.

If your child is already on melatonin you can still join the study.

Please note that all children will require a referral from their doctor (GP or paediatrician) to participate. Please click on the links below to download more detailed information about our study.

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