Principal Advisor: Dr Christy Noble


Phone: 0410 943 148

Organisational unit: Office of Medical Education

Effective interprofessional feedback in clinical practice enhances health care professionals’ performance and, ultimately, improves patient outcomes. However, enacting effective feedback in busy and complex clinical settings is challenging. This project aims to better understand the relational and socio-cultural characteristics of interprofessional feedback. Specifically, we ask, how are in situ interprofessional feedback (i.e., between practitioners from different professions) processes enacted in clinical settings. Moreover, using an innovative methodology – video-reflexive ethnography (VRE) – where ordinary daily feedback exchanges will be filmed and reflected on by health care professionals – this project will also contribute to enriching feedback experiences of health care professionals s. You will work with experienced supervisors in medical education, interprofessional learning and social sciences. Successful outcomes of this project will be peer-reviewed publications in high-impact journals and the chance to contribute to enhancing healthcare professional experiences of feedback and ultimately, enhance both medical education and clinical practice.