Principal Advisor: Dr Alize Ferrari


Phone: 07 3271 8687

Research group: Epidemiology and burden of disease

Organisational unit: School of Public Health

The Epidemiology and Burden of Disease Team at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research are undertaking programs of work enabling the collection of new epidemiological data for mental disorders, analysis of global epidemiological data to understand the distribution of mental disorders across populations, quantification of the fatal and non-fatal burden of mental disorders, and development of methodological frameworks to improve the precision at which we collect and analyze epidemiological data, Research projects related to the following broad topic areas are available:

  1. Estimating the global epidemiology and burden of mental disorders
  2. Developing epidemiological modelling and global burden of disease methods for mental disorders
  3. Quantifying the burden attributable to mental disorders as risk factors for other health outcomes.

Available projects can be carried out within the context of broader work to estimate the global epidemiology and burden of mental disorders within the Global Burden of Disease Study.