The Advancement team works with alumni, community members and corporate and foundation donors to raise funds in support of Faculty priorities.


HDR support

The HDR Liaison Officers can provide advice and assistance to students and advisors in regard to Higher Degree Research programs in the Faculty of Medicine. The HDR team will assist with student and supervisor enquiries regarding HDR opportunities in our Faculty, and information and processes for applications, scholarship applications, enrolment, candidature management, milestones and thesis submission.

Our new HDR support team are now starting to work from some of our larger sites. The new team members for the Faculty of Medicine are Leanne, Aisha, James, James and Jason and they are all working together to help you from any location. While this is happening, for a brief period in May 2018, please use the HDR mailbox and contact one of the team on the numbers below.



  • Aisha Dixon at Herston 334 65306
  • James Mather at SBMS 336 51071
  • Jason Huynh at TRI 344 37019
  • James Nicholson at PACE 334 61917


The infrastructure team coordinate and provide oversight on a broad range of facilities management issues to ensure the effective operation, utilisation and preservation of buildings and assets across the entire Faculty of Medicine. The infrastructure team liaises with, and provides facilities management advice to all Faculty staff and students. The team also coordinates medium and long term space management and planning activities to support the Faculty’s teaching and research strategic objectives. Working with the University’s Property and Facilities Division (P&F) and the various hospital and health service providers they oversee maintenance works and construction projects on behalf of the Faculty. 

Marketing and communications

Working together with Faculty marketing and communications staff, the Communications & Engagement Coordinator is your first contact point for marketing and communications needs within the Rural Clinical School. 

  • Kay Wolfs

    Kay Wolfs

    Communications & Engagement Coordinator
    Rural Clinical School


The Safety Manager is the primary contact for internal Faculty auditing processes and provides technical support for all aspects of OHS including biosafety, chemical management, ergonomics and wellness.   

The Manager of Occupational Health and Safety coordinates the Faculty OHS team and develops and implements OHS policy, collaborating with the UQ OHS Division to develop greater consistency and transparency of OHS management practices across the Faculty.

Both roles are available to assist and advise on any issues relating to OHS or other general compliance issues.

  • Dr Paul Lovelock

    Dr Paul Lovelock

    Manager, Occup Health & Safety
    Infrastructure and Research Operations (Medicine)
  • Deon Knight

    Mr Deon Knight

    Safety Manager
    Infrastructure and Research Operations (Medicine)

Research and clinical research support

Our Research Development Officers and Clinical Research Liaison Officers can provide advice on research funding schemes, coordinate funding application processes and seek out new opportunities of interest to our researchers and clinical researchers.  They will also provide our researchers with links and guidance to other sections of the Faculty and University in relation to research governance, compliance obligations and the conduct and reporting of your research projects.  In addition, the Clinical Research Liaison Officers provide extra support to our academic title holders & clinical researchers in the Clinical Units, to find and use the University’s support and processes for carrying out research at UQ.

  • Lisa Hennell

    Lisa Hennell

    Clinical research liaison and support
    School of Clinical Medicine and Rural Clinical School

Research partnerships

Our Research Partnerships Managers (RPM) facilitate the interaction between UQ researchers and their external partners, ranging from industry to government departments.  They identify suitable partners and assist with the management of research contracts and agreements, liaising with all of the relevant areas of UQ on your behalf. They are also able to advise on industry facing funding schemes that may be utilised to leverage funding.

Contact Sarah if you are from CHQ, OMD, Primary Care, PCH-N, RB, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Ochsner and OME.

Contact Rachel if you are from Greenslopes, Ipswich, Mater, PAH-S, Toowoomba, and St Lucia.

Abbreviations: CHQ; Children's Health Queensland Clinical Unit, OMD; The Office of the Medical Dean Clinical Unit, PCH N - Prince Charles Hospital Northside Clinical Unit, RB Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit, PAH-S; Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit, OME; Office of Medical Education

  • Dr Sarah Flaim

    Dr Sarah Flaim

    Research Partnerships Manager
    Research Strategy and Support (Medicine)
  • Rachel Quin

    Ms Rachel Quin

    Research Partnerships Manager
    Research Strategy and Support (Medicine)

Student and academic administration