Centre Manager

The Centre Manager leads the operations within UQCCR. They have an intimate knowledge of the Centre's priorities and have close contact with the managers of each of the professional service teams. If you are unsure of who to contact for support, the Centre Manager is there to help you navigate the Faculty service offering.

  • Dr Bruce Wyse

    Centre Manager
    Infrastructure and Research Operations (Medicine)


The Advancement team works with alumni, community members and corporate and foundation donors to raise funds in support of Faculty priorities.



Marketing and communications

From media and communications and social media to video production, brand queries and website development, we are the team to contact. While we have a team of specialists based at Herston, you will only ever have to talk to a single Marketing and Communications Manager who will manage your request and work with the team to develop a solution to suit your needs.

Research partnerships

Our Research Partnerships Managers (RPM) facilitate the interaction between UQ researchers and their external partners, ranging from industry to government departments.  They identify suitable partners and assist with the management of research contracts and agreements, liaising with all of the relevant areas of UQ on your behalf. They are also able to advise on industry facing funding schemes that may be utilised to leverage funding.