Meet Roxanne, a UQ Bundaberg medical student

Ever since I was a child I have wanted to be involved in medicine. Over the years my passion for science and helping people has increased, signalling to me that medicine was the right pathway to become involved in. Despite some draw backs, people that I have met over the years, from my Mother, Father and own GP, to an Orthopaedic surgeon, have inspired or pushed me to work hard for this.

I did poorly in high school due to medical reasons and hating the teaching methods. I still wanted to do medicine and thought I owed myself a chance to at least try. So, I started a Bachelor of Arts and ended up loving uni life within the first week. I decided to transfer into Health Sciences as it would give me a better leg up having some anatomy and pathology under my belt. I didn’t get into medicine on my first try, so did honours instead and loved doing research. I hope to do more once I graduate.

Looking back, I think my convoluted pathway into medicine was worth every second as I got to do subjects outside of the medical field, become involved in research and still undertook subjects that have helped me in my current studies.

I’m currently at the Bundaberg Clinical Unit and I'm loving rural life. I was born in London, and at 11 years old emigrated to Adelaide where I fell in love with the hills and the Australian countryside.  When I heard about all the amazing learning outcomes and opportunities that the Rural Clinical Schools provided, it was no brainer for me. Not to mention having my horses very close, is a great bonus.

Outside of medicine I enjoy horse-riding, modern pentathlon, which I go back to Brisbane for once every 2 months or so, and most of all relaxing in a hammock with my friends eating cheese.



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