Healing with art

Like other therapies such as psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy, art therapy aims to support people to cope better with emotional and psychological difficulties.

It has the unique ability to harness the power of creativity, enabling us to express and work through complex emotions and say things that often can’t be conveyed in words alone. Art therapy can change people’s perspectives, moods, relationships and improve their overall health.

Now, more than ever, many of us may be feeling heightened levels of anxiety due to the uncertain and challenging times we have faced this year.

Join Katherine Winlaw, an Art Therapist and Master of Mental Health tutor at UQ as she takes us through some short video workshops to help promote inner wellbeing. 

Each session there is a different theme, using different mediums. No experience needed.

What is Art Therapy?

Learn what Art Therapy really entails with Art Therapist and Masters in Mental Health tutor, Katherine Winlaw.



Mindfulness with Mandalas

Katherine takes us through a short directive on the art of mandala creating.

Materials required: 

  • A collection of natural materials – seeds, leaves, stones, shells, flowers, nuts, pinecones, etc.
  • A piece of string approx. 50cms in length or a piece of burlap or coloured paper cut into a circle approx. 25cm in diameter (optional)



Body Scan

Follow along as Katherine leads a short directive on self awareness in the form of an art therapy body scan.

Materials required: 

  • An A4 sheet of paper (a printed body stencil can be used if this is available)
  • Coloured pencils or pens



Offered as part of the Master of Mental Health program, find out more about the Art Therapy Field of Study here



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