Working with children and young people in the time of a pandemic

When COVID-19 started to spread across the world; borders shut, businesses closed, and citizens began to self-quarantine. But as the pandemic unfolded it didn’t just bring physical illness. For many – in particular children and adolescents - coronavirus stirred up stress and increased feelings of anxiety, loneliness, fear and depression.

In this Masterclass, UQ Experts will discuss into how to identify and manage mental health conditions in children and young people during and after a pandemic.

Meet the Panel

Tom O’Brien is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Clinical Medicine. He works with the Children’s Health Queensland, Child and Youth Mental Health Service and in private practice as a clinical social worker and psychotherapist.

Amanda Hall (Brown) is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Art Therapist working in private practice with children and families, clinical supervision and part of the Master of Mental Health teaching team at the University of Queensland. Her practice focuses on the intersection between child protection, developmental disorders and mental health experiences for young people and families.

Dr Jaime Yasky is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, working in the Child and Youth Mental Health Service and in the psychotherapy stream of the Master of Mental Health at the University of Queensland. He has a particular interest and PhD project on psychoanalytic understanding and treatment of patients with somatic disorders.

Dr Jaya Judd is a clinical psychologist working in the UQ Masters of Mental Health Program (psychotherapy stream) and as a school psychologist at Lourdes Hill College.  She specialises in using cognitive behavioural and mindfulness-based therapies in the treatment of youth mental health issues and has an interest in school-based interventions which foster resilience in young women.



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