Why is Kind and Compassionate Professional a Vertical Theme in our new UQMD?

Kindness/Compassion and Professionalism are not innate, are learnt by students whether taught explicitly or not. Having these values/topics explicitly in our curriculum gives consistent high quality outcomes and desired effect.

Why learn kindness/compassion and professionalism? Three frames of reference: better patient outcomes (quantitative and qualitative); Better practitioner outcomes and longevity/satisfaction in the workplace; Better organizational/institutional outcomes.

Compassion in health care/medicine includes a high order clinical reasoning skill set that is not an alternative to clinical excellence, but is a pillar of clinical excellence. Teaching and learning this does not replace the need to learn core knowledge, skills or behaviours. It is a core area of knowledge, skill and behaviour.

Dr Charley Greentree
Theme Lead - Kind and Compassionate Professional
Course Design Lead - Year 3


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