Why is Partner and Team Player a theme in our new UQMD?

Due to advances in biomedical science and healthcare, more people are living meaningful and functional lives with chronic illness, disability, and multiple medical conditions than ever before. Effective healthcare today is therefore a complex multi-professional and multiagency enterprise. The healthcare team comprises many members including doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals, each with an indispensable role.   

All doctors, whether a general practitioner caring for and coordinating the healthcare of patients within the community, a physician collaborating with other health professionals in a hospital setting, or a surgeon leading a team in an operating theatre, need to be effective team players. This requires the knowledge, and skills to be effective team leaders and/or team members, according to the needs of the clinical or healthcare context. The skills of leadership and followership are equally important skills for doctors. 

Partnering with patients and carers in their health care journey, helping people navigate an increasingly complex healthcare system, communicating effectively within and across different healthcare systems, demonstrating excellence in clinical handover and working collaboratively with patients and colleagues to achieve whole person care, is at the core of good medical practice.  

When health professionals are partners and team players, a positive and effective workplace culture exists. This contributes to patient safety and quality care, and enhanced wellbeing and reduced burnout of health professionals. The new MD aims to prepare students to be effective partners and team players.

Dr Michaela Kelly
Theme Lead - Partner and Team Player
Course Design Lead - Year 4A



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