Compassion and the New Technologies

Tegan TaylorThe Faculty of Medicine in partnership with the Compassionate Mind Research Group of the School of Psychology presents Compassion and the New Technologies with Tegan Taylor.

What is the role of compassion in the fields of new technology?

Over the past fifty years there has been a rapid acceleration in the development of new technologies. Computation, communications and miniaturisation have brought us to a point that could hardly be imagined half a century ago. Markets have rapidly developed, and consumers have adapted, adopting each new technological innovation with alacrity. But has this made for a happier and more equitable world?

In this second series of wide-ranging conversations, we explore the role compassion can play in understanding and shaping the ways we develop and employ these new technologies. Hosted by the award-winning ABC health and science correspondent, Tegan Taylor, three diverse panels will explore successively online loneliness, cyber bullying and the potential of compassionate machines.

Panel Three: The Compassion of Machines

9 November 2021 4:00pm
Panellists: Paul Gilbert – Sarah Kelly – Shannon Vallor

Panel Two: The Troll and the Cyber Bully

2 November 2021 4:00pm5:00pm
Panellists: Ginger Gorman – David Harvey – Bryan Mukandi

Panel One: The Loneliness of the Digital Native

26 October 2021 4:00pm5:00pm
Panellists: James Doty – Osher Günsberg – Catherine Haslam