Harvey WhitefordHarvey Whiteford is Professor of Population Mental Health at the University of Queensland and Affiliate Professor of Global Health at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington, Seattle. Dr Whiteford trained in medicine, psychiatry and public health in Queensland and at Stanford University. He has served as Director of Mental Health in the Queensland and Federal governments in Australia and as the mental health specialist at the World Bank in Washington DC. His current research teams are responsible for modelling the global burden of mental disorders, and the reform of mental health services. He served as Associate Commissioner on the Australian Productivity Commission mental health inquiry from October 2018 until August 2020.

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Student Presentations by the following students: 

Jacinta Conroy  Mechanisms of p75 and TrkA Neurotrophin Receptor Signalling SBMS
Md Arifuzzaman Khan A low-cost regional initiative can significantly boost the referrals and use of smoking cessation interventions: findings from the “10,000 Lives” program evaluation study SPH
James Dight Interleukin 6 signalling in endovascular progenitors is a driver of melanoma vascularisation and metastasis UQDI
Gene Chai Precision Dosing Programs: Improving Antimicrobial Dosing in the Intensive Care Unit UQCCR
Greg Kelly Epigenetic reactivation of LC3B induces melanoma cell death and predict response to checkpoint inhibitor blockade QIMR
Pia Bradshaw  Caring for autistic adults in general practice settings MRI-UQ
Jasneek Chawla The impact of Sleep problems in Children with Down Syndrome CHRC
Hannah O’Farrell Investigating extracellular vesicles diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic potential in COPD and Lung Cancer PCH-Northside CU

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The 2020 Faculty of Medicine HDR Week is an online event showcasing presentations from our HDR students within our faculty, including keynote speakers and a jam-packed program of workshops and sessions to support students through the various stages of their PhD and career options thereafter.

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Via Zoom: https://uqz.zoom.us/j/86161643003