David EvansDavid Evans is Professor of Statistical Genetics at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. He completed his PhD in Statistical Genetics at University of Queensland in 2003, before undertaking a four year post-doctoral fellowship at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford where he worked on the International HapMap Project and the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium. In 2007 he moved to take up a Senior Lecturer then Reader position at the University of Bristol before returning in 2013 to Australia to take up his current position at the University of Queensland. He has co-led several large GWAS consortia and is interested in the development of statistical methods for gene mapping and causal inference in medical research.

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Student Presentations by the following students:

Nykola Kent  Exploring the mechanistic link between hypothyroidism in pregnancy and gestational diabetes mellitus SBMS
Angela Willemsen  Infection Control in Small Animal Veterinary Practices SPH
Pascale Wehr Mapping oligoclonally expanded T cells within the peripheral and synovial immune landscape of untreated ACPA+ rheumatoid arthritis patients at the single cell level UQDI
Lebo  Mhango Back to the future: Individualising treatment of gonorrhoea UQCCR
Megan Soon How do immune cells form memory in malaria? QIMR
Jessica Turner  Neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants following intrapartum maternal oral sildenafil citrate treatment MRI-UQ
Zufishan Alam Cervical cancer screening knowledge and behaviours among South Asian immigrant women in Australia CHSR

About Faculty of Medicine HDR Symposium Week

The 2020 Faculty of Medicine HDR Week is an online event showcasing presentations from our HDR students within our faculty, including keynote speakers and a jam-packed program of workshops and sessions to support students through the various stages of their PhD and career options thereafter.

All Faculty of Medicine HDR Students are encouraged to attend all sessions throughout the week. Staff are encouraged to support our HDR students at the lunchtime presentation sessions.

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Via Zoom: https://uqz.zoom.us/j/85783320836