Faculty of Medicine Excellence Awards

To celebrate the amazing contributions across our Faculty in 2019 we invite you to join us on Friday 6 December for the annual excellence awards evening. These awards provide an opportunity for Faculty staff to unwind, network and celebrate the year that was. 

Event details

Where: Howards Hall East, Howard Smith Wharves, Boundary Street, Brisbane City. Download directions to the venue
Time: 5.30—9pm
Date: Friday 6 December 2019
Dress: Smart casual
Parking: Secure car park 

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Award categories

The Faculty of Medicine excellence awards recognise and celebrate individuals and teams in the areas of:

  • Collaboration: implemented collaborative measures that has resulted in significant tangible improvement to the change and success of the Faculty.
  • Innovation: implemented innovative, effective initiatives or workplace practices, that has resulted in significant tangible improvements, change and success within the Faculty.
  • Service: outstanding and significant contribution to delivering excellence in service to students, staff or the wider community
  • Mental and physical health, safety and wellness: implemented innovative and exciting ideas and practices which contribute to the mental and physical health, safety and wellness of our staff and students
  • Leadership: exemplary leadership supporting a positive, performance-based culture and contributing to the achievements of the Faculty.
  • Community and Philanthropic: outstanding effort in promoting philanthropic giving that benefits and gives back to our students, research, programs and wider community.


All nominees listed below are invited to attend the annual Faculty of Medicine excellence awards, where the award winners and commendations are announced.

Award winners will receive a certificate of recognition and a trophy.

Collaborators of the year award nominations

  • ASSC (Australian Skin and Skin Cancer) Research Centre
  • Brisbane Breast Bank
  • Bundaberg Rural Clinical School
  • Health Precinct team - 2019 Open Day
  • Learning Designer Team  - Rebecca Johnson, Karen Shelley, Christian Kelly
  • Paediatric Critical Care Research Group
  • Professor Vicki Clifton, Professor Karen Moritz and the Queensland Family Cohort Project
  • Student Administration and Ochsner Student Affairs</td>
  • UQRCS Team Leads

Excellence in mental and physical health award nominations

  • Dr Cindy Tan
  • Mary Schneider
  • Nicole Chandler
  • OHS Team
  • St Lucia Clinical Unit

Innovators of the year award nominations

  • Cathy Wardius
  • Discipline of Rural and Remote Medicine Team
  • Dr Cameron Snell
  • Dr Suzanne L Parker
  • Justin Laing, Kate Zischke, Monique Chang
  • Marcela Dorney
  • Michael Richards
  • Microbial Diagnostics and Characterisation group
  • Resident Ready Network

Leader of the future award (Academic) nominations

  • Amanda Bordin
  • Associate Professor Jason Ferris
  • Associate Professor Luke Knibbs
  • Dr Centaine Snoswell
  • Dr Cheneal Puljevic
  • Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams
  • Dr Judit Kibedi
  • Dr Julie Wixey
  • Dr Sumaira Hasnain
  • Dr Tracey Bjorkman
  • Dr Vinu Verghis
  • Francis Nona

Leader of the future award (Professional) nominations

  • Amy Gibson
  • Belinda Tomlin
  • Dr Laura Garcia Carrascosa&nbsp
  • Georgia Jefferis
  • Julia Faulkner-Figueiredo
  • Dr Lila Singh Peterson
  • Liz Payne
  • Monica Taylor

Leader of the year award (Academic) nominations

  • Associate Professor Allison Pettit
  • Associate Professor Andreas Schibler
  • Associate Professor David Whiley
  • Associate Professor Judith Greer
  • Associate Professor Simon Reid
  • Dr Richard McCallum
  • Norma Robinson
  • Professor Anthony Smith
  • Professor David Hume and Dr Katharine Irvine
  • Professor Elizabeth Coulson
  • Professor Linda Selvey
  • Professor Liz Eakin
  • Professor Ruth Hubbard
  • Professor Vicki Flenady
  • Srinivas Kondalsamy Chennakesavan

Leader of the year award (Professional) nominations

  • Amy Gibson
  • Belinda Ryan
  • Charlotte Young
  • Chris Shannon
  • Dr Jodi Clyde-Smith
  • Greg Hafner
  • Harmony Rose
  • Heather Moore
  • Maxine Preston
  • Michelle Wright
  • Phil Carter
  • Sarah Piper
  • Suzanne Reiger

Philanthropic leader of the year award nominations

  • Dr Fiona Simpson
  • Professor Darrell Crawford
  • Professor Nick Lavidis

Service excellence award nominations

  • Alison Manley
  • Andrew Veprek
  • Anna Donaldson
  • Anna Efstathiadou
  • Ashlee Dickson
  • Ashleigh Williamson
  • Bridget Norris
  • Bruno Rey
  • Charlotte Young
  • CHRC Research Operations Group
  • Clare Butters
  • Clinical Research Coordinators of the QCPRRC, CHRC
  • Dr Andrew Lai
  • Dr Judith Dean
  • Dr Karen Shelley &amp; Rebecca Johnson
  • Dr Michelle Murphy
  • Dr Shaun Walters
  • FOM Reception Team
  • FOM Recruitement Team
  • Grace Raki
  • Inga Holbaev
  • Janette Thompson
  • Jennifer Steele
  • Justin Flohr
  • Kate Gadenne
  • Kylie Hengst
  • Kyra Cottrell
  • Laurelle Roberts
  • Libby Kelly
  • Linus D'Souza
  • Liss Cadenas
  • Lucinda Coalter
  • Luminita Vlad
  • Marketing and Communications Team
  • MMI Team
  • Monica Taylor
  • PA-Southside Clinical Unit Team
  • Pascal Burger
  • Peter Close
  • Phil Van Zyl
  • Professor Timothy Sullivan
  • Research and Statistical Support Service (RASSS)
  • Sabine Sand
  • Shani Lamb
  • Simone Austin
  • SPH Teaching and Assessment Team
  • Stephen Anderson
  • Stephen Brooke
  • Sue Cooper