Outstanding people

It is the people employed within the Faculty who make the difference; people who feel valued, supported and able to contribute to and be a part of our world-class reputation. We want to be a place where people actively seek to work, with an environment that enables people to grow and want to stay. We aim to be an ‘an employer of choice’, both externally and within the UQ community.

Respectful student and partner relationships

The relationships we have and the way we work with our students and our academic and research partners are critical for our success. We aim to be the University of choice, not only for students but for those who work with us in the hospitals and wider community.

Excellence in research quality and impact

Our research institutes are known and respected across the world. Our contribution to both the body of knowledge and translational outcomes from ‘bench to bedside’ is of global significance. It is our intent that the quality of our research will be regarded as the leading standard making a tangible impact on health outcomes at a national and international level.

Exceptional graduates

We want our graduates to be proud of their education and feel confident that they are positioned for success in their future careers. We are clear about the direct link between the quality of our graduates and the contribution they make to health outcomes, future learning and discovery in Queensland, Australia and across the globe. UQ graduates must be seen by our health and industry partners to be their future employees of choice.

Underpinning principles and characteristics: Excellence, Ethics, Authenticity, Respect, Trust, Collaboration, Courage, Care, Resilience, Integrity