The committee is tasked with (a) regularly monitoring and reviewing the operations of the School of Anatomy (SoA) Gross Anatomy Facility (GAF), (b) ensuring that the GAF is maintained and operates in a safe and compliant manner, and (c) the preparation of an annual report to the VCRCC on the operations of the GAF.

Terms of Reference

  1. Evaluating the overall compliance of the GAF with the requirements stipulated in;
    1. the relevant legislation relating to the management of human material including (but not restricted to) the Transplantation and Anatomy Act 1979 (Qld); Coroners Act 2003 (Qld); Cremations Act 2003 (Qld) and associated Regulations;
    2. the relevant ethical requirements stipulated in the relevant codes, guidelines and procedures, including (but not restricted to), the Australian Code for the Responsible conduct of Research and the National Statement on Ethical conduct in Human Research (2007) and the University of Queensland Policy and Procedures document 4.20 Research Conduct and Integrity, and
    3. the relevant legislative requirements, Codes and Standards, and University policies for workplace health and safety including the Work Health and Safety Act (2011) and associated Regulation, the Australian Standard for laboratories AS2243 series and the University of Queensland Policy and Procedures document Part 2 Workplace Health and Safety.
  2. Evaluating the overall compliance of the GAF with the conditions of the SoA’s license and notifications of any changes or updates;
  3. Ensuring that all necessary regulatory requirements regarding internal self-assessment auditing are met by the facility management, and reviewing audit documents for accuracy and completeness before submission to the Regulator. Where external audits by the Regulator are scheduled, the committee will be notified and will provide every assistance required to the Regulator. Corrective action plans arising from audit reports will be reviewed by the committee and acted upon in a timely manner.
  4. Provision of details of dealings with external stakeholders including funeral companies and convenors of external workshops;
  5. Evaluating the general fit-for-purpose condition of the GAF and any significant operational issues including significant procedural changes, and changes in demand/numbers/requirements of students.
  6. Evaluating/reviewing any other relevant items as specified in PPL 1.30.07 and as circumstances dictate (e.g changes to Thanksgiving service or body donor programs).
  7. Making recommendations as relevant on revisions to PPL 1.30.07 to ensure it remains contemporary.



Lizzie Coulson

Executive Officer

Wes Fisk


La’a Dunster


Carl Stephan, Chief Anatomist

Nicole Makoviney, Director, Research Ethics 

Paul Lovelock

Matthew Brandt 

Suresh Chand

Stephen Anderson

Mark Midwinter


To enquire about minutes of meetings, please contact Wes Fisk