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With the mass transition to work from home arrangements for staff, we have introduced a new wellness and support webpage for staff to access the latest announcements and resources while we work from home.


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People and culture 

Official Launch of the Strategic Framework and Action Plan for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

The Framework sets out UQ’s commitment to striving for safe and respectful learning, working and research environments for all members of our community. This event will be an opportunity to learn about the Framework and explore what it means for each of us in practice. Hear from speakers Professor Deborah Terry AO, UQ Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Joanne Wright, UQ Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Keynote Speaker Patty Kinnersly CEO of Our Watch. Please register online. 12.45-3pm, Friday 16 October, UQ Centre.

Free work safety and mentally healthy workplaces events

The UQ Safe Work month events (including the Mental Health Week events) are now in the HSW Events Calendar. You can also check out Queensland Government's Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Safe Work Month events and Queensland Mental Health Week events online.

Excellence Awards nominations

Nominations are open for the 2020 Faculty of Medicine Excellence Awards. In a year of disruption and uncertainty, our Faculty members have shown great resilience and teamwork. View the 11 award categories and nominate here.

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Teaching and learning

2020 Student Experience Survey (SES)

UQ is participating in the 2020 Student Experience Survey (SES) to help improve the student experience and we would like your assistance to encourage participation. It will be administered between Thursday 10 September and Sunday 11 October. All staff are encouraged to promote the survey to our students, and academic staff are asked to take a moment at the end of classes throughout September to encourage students to complete the survey. A slide for this purpose can be accessed from the SES page on the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation website. 

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Professional development 

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Emory-UQ Collaborative Partnership Research Grant

UQ have recently confirmed a Collaborative Partnership Research Grant with Emory University. Dr Jeffery Lesser, Director, The Halle Institute for Global Research and Kelly Richmond Yates, Associate Director, The Halle Institute for Global Research will be conducting a virtual information session for UQ researchers who are interested in learning more about the opportunity. See guidelines for more details. Thursday 8 October 2020, 8.30-9.30am. Register online.

R training at PACE

The School of Pharmacy, in collaboration with UQ Library, are offering R with RStudio training based at PACE:

    UQ-IITD Academy of Research (UQIDAR) joint PhD Program

    Through the joint-PhD program, students can receive a scholarship to study at two world-leading, research-intensive institutions – The University of Queensland (UQ) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IITD) – on multidisciplinary projects. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be offered a jointly awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from both UQ and IITD. Closing date: 18 October 2020. Apply online

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    Research in Canada: Funding opportunities webinar

    The High Commission of Canada and UQ invite you to join an upcoming webinar to learn more about Canadian research funding options. You'll be provided a general overview of research in Canada, national research councils and funding options that are open to international applicants. Q & A to follow. Suitable for all disciplines of research and anyone who has an interest in researching or studying at the doctoral and postdoctoral level in Canada. Thursday 1 October 2020, 2pm. Register now.

    The Show Must Go On! 23rd Annual WiT Awards Cabaret Extravaganza

    ABC celebrity scientist and showman Joel Gilmore will be our Master of Ceremonies as we introduce you to the cream of Queensland’s women in science and technology for 2020.We have record entries this year with more than 240 applicants vying for top honours in 14 categories – including new innovation and regional awards. Australia’s Chief Defence Scientist Professor Tanya Monro is our pre-eminent keynote and will share her views on creativity, innovation and the opportunities in cross-sector collaboration. Friday 9 October, 6.00–8.30pm, Online. Register here.  

    Geriatric Seminar Series

    Dr Anne-Louise McCawley and Tile Imo will present Preliminary results and learning from OPALS: Older Persons Advocacy and Legal Service – a Metro South Health/Caxton Legal Centre Inc. initiative to combat elder abuse. Wednesday 14 October 12.30-1.30pm, via Microsoft Teams Meeting. Visit the event page for more information.

    UQ-CUHK Ethics webinar: The ethics of health during a global pandemic

    After the successful inaugural UQ-CUHK Health Engineering Virtual Symposium, The University of Queensland (UQ) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) will hold a public webinar focused on an ethics discussion on Thursday 15 October 2020, 6-7.30pm AEST. Please see draft program for more details. Register online.  

    2020 ‘Virtual’ Medical Student Research Conference: 16 October 10am–12.30pm

    COVID-19 put a stop to most conference attendance and presentations this year. Therefore the annual student research conference will be an online mixture of oral presentations by webinar and digital poster displays. The Student Research Portal has all details including registration.

    The Conversation: Editor’s talk

    Participate in a presentation and Q&A session with Commissioning Editor Michael Lund to learn how to be part of The Conversation. This online training session for UQ academics and PhD students will tell you what you need to know before pitching a new article and the benefits of bringing your expertise to the world. Wednesday 28 October, 9.30–11am. Register for live stream.  

    ASMR Queensland Postgraduate Student Conference - Virtual Meeting 2020

    The Queensland Postgraduate Student Conference will be held from 9am-12pm over two half days, November 10-11 2020. You must be an ASMR Member to be eligible for awards. Pre-recorded video presentations will of 3 or 6 minutes duration, followed by live Q&A. Download Abstract Guidelines. Register online.

    NAIDOC Week 2020 (8-15 November) – Always Was, Always Will Be

    Join UQDI's NAIDOC Week seminar to acknowledge and celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Patrick Nunn, Professor of Geography, University of Sunshine Coast, will be discussing Original Histories: Indigenous Memories of Ancient Disasters and their Future Implications. Thursday 12 November, 12-1pm. Zoom ID is Contact Jessica Iannotti for Zoom password.

    Milestone Seminars

    UQ’s milestones are designed to provide HDR students with an opportunity to articulate their research to colleagues and receive feedback and guidance. There are three milestones – Confirmation, Mid-candidature Review, and Thesis Review. View a list of upcoming Faculty milestone seminars

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    Welcome to CHSR

    • Dr Anton Lord commenced with Professor Jason Pole as Research Fellow
    • Lauren Gleed commenced with COH as casual Research Assistant
    • Vilma Simbag commenced with Clinical Informatics group as Project Coordinator
    • Dr Misa Matsuyama commenced with AKTN as a Clinical Research Associate
    • Dr Elasma Milanzi will be joining AKTN as a Statistician
    • Dr Oliver Canfell will be joining the Clinical Informatics group as Research Fellow from 6 October
    • Professor Ruth Hubbard has been appointed the Chair in Geriatric Medicine from 6 October

    Recent publications

    Campbell, L. H., Smith, A. C., & Brooks, P. (2020). The NBN Futures Forum: Social and Economic Benefits of Broadband for Digital Inclusion and Telehealth. Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, 8(3), 18-32. doi:10.18080/jtde.v8n3.346

    Langbecker, D., Snoswell, C. L., Smith, A. C., Verboom, J., & Caffery, L. J. (2020). Long-term effects of childhood speech and language disorders: A scoping review. South African Journal of Childhood Education, 10(1), 1-13. doi:10.4102/sajce.v10i1.801

    Badve, S. V., Pascoe, E. M., Tiku, A., Boudville, N., Brown, F. G., et al. (2020). Effects of Allopurinol on the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease. N Engl J Med, 382(26), 2504-2513. doi:10.1056/NEJMoa1915833

    Htay, H., Pascoe, E. M., Hawley, C. M., Campbell, S. B., et al. (2020). Patient and center characteristics associated with kidney transplant outcomes: a binational registry analysis. Transpl Int. doi:10.1111/tri.13681

    Campbell, V. K., Gately, R. P., Krishnasamy, R., Burg, D., Robertson, G. R., & Gray, N. A. (2020). Midkine and chronic kidney disease-associated multisystem organ dysfunctions. Nephrol Dial Transplant. doi:10.1093/ndt/gfaa084

    Kumar, N., Puljević, C., Ferris, J., Winstock, A., & Barratt, M. J. (2020). The intersection between spliff usage, tobacco smoking, and having the first joint after waking. Sci Rep, 10(1), 11100. doi:10.1038/s41598-020-67809-6

    Davies, E. L., Cooke, R., Maier, L. J., Winstock, A. R., & Ferris, J. A. (2020). Drinking to excess and the tipping point: An international study of alcohol intoxication in 61,000 people. Int J Drug Policy, 83, 102867. doi:10.1016/j.drugpo.2020.102867

    Winstock, A. R., Lynskey, M. T., Maier, L. J., Ferris, J. A., & Davies, E. L. (2020). Perceptions of cannabis health information labels among people who use cannabis in the U.S. and Canada. Int J Drug Policy, 102789. doi:10.1016/j.drugpo.2020.102789

    Mak, C., Whittingham, K., Cunnington, R., Chatfield, M., & Boyd, R. N. (2020). Six-month follow-up of a mindfulness yoga program, MiYoga, on attention, executive function, behaviour and physical outcomes in cerebral palsy. Disabil Rehabil, 1-7. doi:10.1080/09638288.2020.1783582

    Edirippulige, S., Gong, S., Hathurusinghe, M., et al. (2020). Medical students' perceptions and expectations regarding digital health education and training: A qualitative study. J Telemed Telecare, 1357633x20932436. doi:10.1177/1357633x20932436

    Obermair, A., Baxter, E., Brennan, D. J., McAlpine, J. N., Muellerer, J. J., Amant, F., van Gent, M., Coleman, R. L., Westin, S. N., Yates, M. S., Krakstad, C., & Janda, M. (2020). Fertility-sparing treatment in early endometrial cancer: current state and future strategies. Obstet Gynecol Sci, 63(4), 417-431. doi:10.5468/ogs.19169

    Pigott, A., Obermair, A., Janda, M., Vagenas, D., Ward, L. C., Reul-Hirche, H., & Hayes, S. C. (2020). Incidence and risk factors for lower limb lymphedema associated with endometrial cancer: Results from a prospective, longitudinal cohort study. Gynecol Oncol. doi:10.1016/j.ygyno.2020.04.702

    Roberts, N. A., Alexander, K., Wyld, D., & Janda, M. (2020). Statistical Process Control assessed implementation fidelity of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in routine care. J Clin Epidemiol. doi:10.1016/j.jclinepi.2020.06.022

    Tschandl, P., Rinner, C., Apalla, Z., Argenziano, G., Codella, N., Halpern, A., Janda, M., Lallas, A., Longo, C., Malvehy, J., Paoli, J., Puig, S., Rosendahl, C., Soyer, H. P., Zalaudek, I., & Kittler, H. (2020). Human-computer collaboration for skin cancer recognition. Nat Med. doi:10.1038/s41591-020-0942

    Bartels, H. C., Rogers, A. C., Janda, M., Obermair, A., & Brennan, D. J. (2020). Quality of life following minimally invasive hysterectomy compared to abdominal hysterectomy: A metanalysis. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol, 252, 206-212. doi:10.1016/j.ejogrb.2020.06.055

    Egan, G., Athale, U., Johnston, D., Pole, J. D., Silva, M., Zorzi, A., & Alexander, S. (2020). Outcomes of children with chronic myeloid leukemia: A population-based cohort study. Pediatr Blood Cancer, e28491. doi:10.1002/pbc.28491

    Pelland-Marcotte, M. C., Pole, J. D., Nathan, P. C., Sutradhar, R., & Sung, L. (2020). Severe infections following treatment for childhood cancer: a report from CYP-C. Leuk Lymphoma, 1-9. doi:10.1080/10428194.2020.1789626

    Maasakkers, C. M., Melis, R. J. F., Kessels, R. P. C., Gardiner, P. A., et al. (2020). The short-term effects of sedentary behaviour on cerebral hemodynamics and cognitive performance in older adults: a cross-over design on the potential impact of mental and/or physical activity. Alzheimers Res Ther, 12(1), 76. doi:10.1186/s13195-020-00644-z

    Rosenberg, D. E., Anderson, M. L., Renz, A., Matson, T. E., Lee, A. K., Greenwood-Hickman, M. A., Arterburn, D. E., Gardiner, P. A., Kerr, J., & McClure, J. B. (2020). Reducing Sitting Time in Obese Older Adults: The I-STAND Randomized Controlled Trial. J Aging Phys Act, 1-11. doi:10.1123/japa.2019-0470

    2020 CHSR Awards

    We are excited to announce the 2020 edition of the Centre for Health Services Research Awards, an annual event celebrating the achievements of our team and to reflect on the successes of the past year. Nominations for the 2020 Centre for Health Services Research Awards are now open. Please consider nominating a colleague who has achieved excellence within these categories and whose hard work and passionate commitment underpin the success of CHSR.

    Upcoming events

    Get involved by attending CHSR and other seminar series and events listed here.

    COH Telehealth Webinar: A 21st century (and pandemic friendly) approach to delivering cardiac rehabilitation

    Presented by Dr Jonathan Rawstorn, this forum will discuss how evidence-based mobile health interventions can improve the reach and accessibility of cardiac rehabilitation for people who are unable to attend existing centre-based programs. It will also explore potential interest in and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships to translate research evidence into clinical practice. This will be followed by a panel discussion. Wednesday 7 October 2020, 12.30–1pm (Seminar Presentation) and 1–1.20pm (Panel Discussion). Connect using the following link: Visit the event page.


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    Important Information for researchers

    Find out more about the ethics and governance review processes at Mater Research, how the Mater Clinical Trials Unit can assist with your clinical research activity, what is support available for researchers as well as all the necessary forms, guidelines, key contacts and resources needed to conduct research projects at Mater Research. 

    Support services for researchers

    Mater Research provides a range of administrative, funding and development services to support Mater researchers, enabling them to wholly focus on their research. Learn more.


    From the Head of School

    Congratulations to Professor Trent Woodruff on his success in being awarded a drug development grant from FightMND for his grant titled Complement C3a Receptor Modulators as Disease-Modifying Drugs for MND.

    I’m glad to see some staff took the opportunity to take a few days off during the mid-semester break. I hope you were able to relax a little and are feeling refreshed and ready to get back into semester 2.

    Accelerator grants have been transferred to ACA accounts. Please spend these allocations in the current year as we have no capacity to budget ‘carry forwards’ in 2021.

    Date Savers

    4 November
    Grant Pitching
    5 November
    Honours Final Seminars (venue TBC)
    6 November
    Research Retreat
    24 November
    Postgraduate Symposium, UQ Centre
    25 November
    School Staff Meeting (Zoom, details TBC)
    30 November
    School of Anatomy All Hands Annual Training Session (venue details TBC)
    4 December
    SBMS Awards Night

    Thank you, exams and advice for 2021

    Thank you! We are aware of the many pressures on staff to ensure TL delivery and want to thank everyone for your ongoing efforts. In particular, for getting your exam questions in, and for all your hard work marking mid-semester exams.

    A reminder that exam marking assistance is available for both MS and EOS exams. If you need help please send a request (course, enrolments, SAQ marks, suggested tutor, and small justification) for approval to TLC.

    Lastly, our semester 1 courses for next year will be in flexible, external or internal mode, with internal mode requiring on-campus attendance for lab/workshop/practical classes. If anyone needs advice on planning your Semester 1 course please arrange to chat with us by sending an email to the TLC.

    Equity & Diversity training/workshops

    Please find below some training/workshops that relate to Equity & Diversity-related topics. Registration links are provided. You can register for one or more topics.

    Library drop-ins

    Staff and students are invited to Library Drop-in sessions and lunchtime demonstrations:

    • 7 October, 12-12.45pm: Keep up to date with research in your area by setting up alerts, via Zoom
    • 15 October, 12-1pm: Pop-in and chat, Skerman Building (65) small meeting room (313)
    • 21 October, 12-1pm: Smart searching in PubMed: getting relevant results, via Zoom

    Check out Library Training. Workshops include Introduction to Promoting your Research; Strategic Scholarly Publishing: Principles; PubMed for literature searching; Covidence: Getting Started.

    Crosscheck manuscripts using iThenticate

    UQ researchers and higher degree by research (HDR) students can use iThenticate to check their manuscripts quickly and effectively before submitting them to journals and protect themselves from the publication of plagiarised text.

    Upcoming events

    Get involved by attending SBMS and other seminar series and events listed here.


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    Upcoming events

    Get involved by attending SPH and other seminar series and events listed here.


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    From the Director’s Desk

    Some wins from UQCCR people this month:

    Priya Kalita de Croft has been chosen to participate in the Life Science’s Queensland Communicate with Influence program, one of only ten researchers across Queensland to receive this honour. Well done Priya.

    Congratulations to Amanda Bordin, PhD student with David Whiley, for taking out the People’s Choice Award in the UQ final of the Three Minute Thesis competition. Well done Amanda!

    Dates for diaries

    21 September – 2 October
    School holidays
    6 October
    MyResearch Human Ethics Q&A
    2-2.30pm [add to your calendar]
    7 October
    MyResearch Animal Ethics Q&A
    12.30-1pm [add to your calendar]
    Group Leaders’ meeting – please send agenda items to Lisa Dingwall.
    26–30 October

    WPC Science Ambassador

    Well done to Dr Richard Gordon who has been selected as one of 8 Global Science Ambassadors by the World Parkinson’s Coalition to promote the next World Parkinson’s Congress (WPC 2022). This is the world’s largest Parkinson’s disease-focused meeting which is attended by patients and carers and also the scientific community. Learn more.

    Cyber security guidelines for researchers

    UQ has published a collection of cyber security guidelines specifically for researchers, outlining key practices that can help to protect us and our research from cyber security threats. Familiarising yourself with the guidelines and incorporating the recommendations into your own regular practices is highly recommended. If you have any cyber security questions which are not covered in the guidelines, you can submit these directly to the UQ Cyber Security Operations Centre team.


    UQCCR printer usage report – August

    The August report on printer usage shows we printed more than average colour pages, and more than average single sheets (simplex). It would be good to try and avoid these types of printing whenever possible.

     Year to Date average
     Year to Date total
    Total printed pages
    Total printed sheets
    B&W : colour
    Duplex : simplex

    Each month, the report also contains a list of the top ten users. Many of these users are clinical trials coordinators and managers, so we assume that this is due to printing out patient information sheets and consent forms. We will be reaching out to some of these high level users over the next few months to explore the possibility of moving to paperless consent instead. Please feel free to initiate these discussions with Sarah Piper or Vicki Allen if you are also concerned with your printing usage levels.

    MyResearch Ethics eLearning

    MyResearch is the new enterprise system for managing ethics applications for human and animal research. To learn more about the tasks that will be managed in this system, you are invited to access Introduction to MyResearch Ethics eLearning, available now on Learn.UQ (Blackboard). Type MyResearch in the Organisation Search in the bottom left of Blackboard to access the training. The key users of the ethics component of the system will be researchers, research administration support, Ethics Committee members and Office of Research Ethics staff. You are also invited to attend the MyResearch Connect Q&A sessions scheduled after the training. For these dates go to key dates on the project website, or see Dates for Diaries above.

    Finance matters

    End of Year Finance Close-off Dates 2020

    UQ Finance is pleased to advise access to UniFi purchasing modules will remain open in 2020 which means Requesters have the ability to place orders throughout the Christmas break. Please note however, that although orders can be placed, there may not be staff on site to approve orders during this time and support will not be available until UQ Finance re-opens on Monday 4 January 2021. End of year close off dates are now available from the Finance team.

    COVID supplies update

    Enterprise Procurement and HSW are working closely to ensure there is a steady supply of appropriate quality face masks and associated PPE for UQ activities, where a risk assessment has identified that physical distancing is difficult to maintain. These items are available from the UQeMarket, and purchases should be supported by a relevant safety risk assessment. Please note that UQ will not be providing face masks or other PPE for general or personal use, including for commuting to and from campus or carrying out general activities whilst on campus.

    Budget Holder changes

    Finance Advisory teams (Deb Breville and Tim Robinson for UQCCR) have the ability to make changes to both Project and Operational Unit Budget Holders. UQCCR Director approval must be including as supporting documentation for Projects, and the current budget holder must approve changes to operational unit budget holders.

    UQ Student Experience Survey

    The Student Experience Survey is an annual national survey of over 280,000 university students containing a range of attitudinal questions regarding teaching quality, skills development, learner engagement and learning resources. It will be administered between Thursday 10 September and Sunday 11 October to coursework students (undergraduate and postgraduate) in their first or final year of studies. Please see the SES page for more information.

    Faculty of Medicine Excellence awards

    Nominations for the 2020 Faculty of Medicine Excellence Awards are now open. The 2020 awards celebrate staff achievements across all levels of the organisation, with eleven award categories for which individuals and teams may be nominated. Please consider nominating a colleague or colleagues who have achieved excellence within these categories and whose passionate commitment and hard work underpin our continued success.

    Research Funding alerts

    Visit the Faculty of Medicine website for all current research funding opportunities. Please contact Roheen Gill ( if you are planning to apply for any grants.

    Seminar Series

    Recordings available here.

    Toolbox Talks

    Recordings now available on the UQCCR intranet under ‘research resources’.

    Upcoming events

    Get involved by attending UQCCR and other seminar series and events listed here.


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    Timesheet requirements

    A reminder for all HEWL 1-7 professional staff who are required to complete fortnightly timesheets – it is sufficient to keep copies of the timesheets as an excel or pdf document stored in email or computer drives. There is no requirement to print hard copies or to obtain your supervisor’s signature. At the completion of each fortnight an electronic copy of your timesheet should be provided to your supervisor for storage locally in order to comply with UQ HR requirements.

    Invitation: Launch of the UQ Strategic Framework and Action Plan for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

    All staff and students are invited to the official launch of the first UQ Strategic Framework and Action Plan for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response, on Friday 16 October, 12.45–3pm at the UQ Centre, St Lucia. If you would like to attend, please register here.

    Recording of TRI Student Seminar for R U OK? Day

    Professor Selena Bartlett, QUT, recently presented her seminar, Optimal performance and stress management Post-COVID19 using neuroscience. In this presentation, you'll learn simple strategies to help you understand how the brain works and a few tools to put neuroscience into action to manage stress and improve performance. Password: d+i@05h@

    Spinoff Prize 2021 - Applications due 15 November 2020

    Last year, Nature Research established The Spinoff Prize in partnership with Merck to showcase global excellence in the commercialisation of research through the creation of university spinoff companies. The Spinoff Prize will again focus on companies established in the past three years and is open to companies that are commercialising life sciences or physical sciences research. Applications from spinoffs seeking to translate innovative new science into commercial applications that tackle global challenges are particularly encouraged. 

    Selected spinoffs will be featured in Nature, pitch at a slam event as part of the Curious2021 Future Insight Conference and the winner will receive a €30,000 cash prize. Application is free of charge. The deadline for applications is 15 November 2020. You can also recommend a spinoff to apply here.

    Animal Ethics Committee October 2020 deadline for UQDI

    The UQDI deadline for submission of animal ethics amendments, extensions, adverse events and breeding applications for consideration at the HS AEC September 2020 meeting is 10am Wednesday 7 October to Kylie Hengst. Full project applications (and renewals) must be submitted direct to the AEU by 5pm Thursday 8 October using the online form. All information and documentation can be found on the UQ Animal Ethics Website.

    UQDI Research Committee questions or suggestions

    If you have any questions or suggestions for the UQDI Research Committee, they would be very interested to hear from you. Please get in touch.

    Suggestions / Feedback for the UQDI Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

    Do you have any suggestions or feedback for the UQDI ED&I Committee? They would like to hear from you. Please get in touch here. Note: Any comments received will be anonymous unless you add your name and contact details.

    Upcoming events

    Get involved by attending UQDI and other seminar series and events listed here.

    CRC WORKSHOP: “What is a CRC and why should I care”

    UQ Research Partnerships invites you to a CRC Workshop webinar. Thursday, 24 September 2019, 10.30am–1pm. Webinar details will be sent upon registration.

    The workshop will include presentations giving an overview of the CRC program, the role of Industry Growth Centres in CRCs, experience from a recent successful bid and experience from a successful CRC followed by a panel discussion and Q&As.  Please see PROGRAM for further details. Please REGISTER here.

    WiT - Enhance your decision making with Values

    Attend the Women in Technology online webinar, 14 October 2020, 5.30pm, to unpack why leaders are making values based decisions. Visit the event website to register. We examine how to get started and how you can put your values into practice by:

    • Defining your values
    • Prioritise your values
    • Making a decision
    • the road to a good decision
    • communicating the decision

    Meet the Editors of the American Association of Cancer Research (ACCR)

    Learn how to get your study published:

    • Tips for preparation, submitting and publishing
    • How to increase your chance of being reviewed and accepted
    • Career insights of an ACCR Editor

    There will be a 15 minute speed dating opportunity following the seminar – showcase your work, obtain feedback and attract interest for your work (RSVP required to Thursday 5 November 2020, 9-10am via Zoom: Speed dating with Editors will be 10-11am.

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