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Milestone Seminars

UQ’s milestones are designed to provide HDR students with an opportunity to articulate their research to colleagues and receive feedback and guidance. There are three milestones – Confirmation, Mid-candidature Review, and Thesis Review. View a list of upcoming Faculty milestone seminars

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In response to UQ’s Reconciliation Action Plan, each fortnightly CHRC Update will include a fast fact about our Australian Indigenous Culture.

Did you know: Australian English borrows more than 400 words from Aboriginal languages. Most of the words borrowed from the Indigenous languages are nouns. Some of these words are koala, wombat, barramundi, kookaburra, boomerang, yakka and bung - which is an adjective for bad or diseased. View a condensed list here.

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Telehealth for global emergencies: COVID-19

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is again reminding us of the importance of using telehealth to deliver care, especially as a means of reducing the risk of cross-contamination caused by close contact. For telehealth to be effective as part of an emergency response it first needs to become a routinely used part of our health system. Hence, it is time to step back and ask why telehealth is not  mainstreamed. Read the full article.

Making the most of telehealth in COVID-19 responses, and beyond

UQ researcher Dr Centaine Snoswell and colleagues urge governments and clinicians to embrace telehealth during this public health crisis, although they say it is not a panacea and there are some significant barriers to ensuring its widespread and equitable use. Read more.

Placements for Foundations of Medical Research (MEDI7281) students

Are you interested in supervising a medical student to conduct a small, health-related research, implementation or development project in 2020?

We are currently inviting researchers to submit project proposals to supervise one or more students as part of the Foundations of Medical Research (MEDI7281) course. If you would like to supervise a student in 2020, please complete the project proposal form by 10 April 2020. Successful projects will be advertised to students during April-May. Please read the important information for prospective supervisors.

Note: this is not the winter/summer scholar program or volunteer research. It is a 2-unit course within the MD program and projects must be conducted between July and October 2020, alongside students’ three other courses. Please keep this in mind when proposing projects and setting your expectations regarding project outcomes. 

Do you have a plain white proxy card?

All blank PAH swipe access cards issued during the period December 2016 to February 2017 are now coming up for expiry. To ensure a high standard of access control security, these cards will need to be replaced at the PAH Safety and Response Office by 31 May 2020. Please contact Lance Bell ( should you need a replacement swipe card.

Library workshops at PACE Library: March - June 2020

If you are keen to attend any of these sessions please do register online.

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COVID-19 webinar: Keeping women with gynaecological cancer informed during COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt all over the world. But how does it affect women and their families being treated for gynaecological cancer? QCGC Research has enlisted a team of Australian and international experts to present a Zoom webinar to provide gynaecological cancer patients with up-to-date information/advice on COVID-19. Visit the event page for all the details. Friday 27 March, 5pm.


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MD Curriculum Review – On Hold

Given the challenging times we are currently facing with the COVID19 pandemic, we have taken the decision to ‘pause’ our MD Curriculum Review project. 

We remain committed to reviewing and improving our MD curriculum but recognise it is not practical to continue right now.

Whilst the forward timeline is difficult to predict, we anticipate it would be Q3 2020 at the earliest before we could recommence the project. 

Thank you to all of those colleagues, students and other stakeholders in our broader MD program community who have contributed to the process so far – your input is much appreciated and has been captured.

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Important Information for researchers

Find out more about the ethics and governance review processes at Mater Research, how the Mater Clinical Trials Unit can assist with your clinical research activity, what is support available for researchers as well as all the necessary forms, guidelines, key contacts and resources needed to conduct research projects at Mater Research. 

Support services for researchers

Mater Research provides a range of administrative, funding and development services to support Mater researchers, enabling them to wholly focus on their research. Learn more.


From the Head of School

Firstly, a huge congratulations to Jana, Emily and their team for their Cell paper if you haven’t read it is available here and press release here.

We also have a few changes to staff: Jake Russell has temporarily replaced Mel Flint in managing the IPF; we thank Mel for her expertise and support over the last few years as the IPF facility manager.  We also say farewell and thank you to Craig Tarlington at reception and welcome back Krystal Watson, who has been on secondment.  As you all know, Richard Clark has been successful in obtaining an SBMS continuing T and R appointment in Drug design and development/pharmacology after an external recruitment process.  

While COVID-19-inspired planning and enforced changes are in the forefront of our thoughts and many people’s time schedules, much of our day-to-day business goes on as usual and important business updates are below. The units “above” SBMS and the local SBMS COVID continuity business meetings will continue to provide as up-to-date information as we can to you regularly to help people make appropriate decisions regarding their work and work practices.

I want to thank all those working extra hours to ensure planning and implementation is progressing smoothly in a rapidly changing situation, stress the importance of caring for each other and yourselves, and hope that most people can continue as normally as possible, with those few extra hours that are not being taken up in meetings (or pre-recording lectures and Pracs) being put to good use in other ways. I am impressed with how our school is coming together to help each other find practical solutions to issues as they arise. It is likely that many of our professional staff (HR, Finance, RHD, Grants) will be working away from their usual desks – either centrally and/or from home – more than already. Email is therefore the best communication mode, at this stage.

A reminder that NHMRC Ideas grants open soon. Academics, don’t get too distracted by COVID-19 – but get your grants written early so that you can get readership feedback from, and via, Uli. 

Stay strong, and don’t forget to do fun things and smile now and again.

Date Savers – await further advice as to how these will be rolled out given COVID-19 advice

March 26
Honours Proposal Seminars, various sessions throughout the day, venues TBC
April 2
*School Staff Meeting, 12-1:30pm, Hawken Engineering Bldg (50), room S201 and via ZOOM
May 8
Honours Final Seminars, various sessions throughout the day, venues TBC

*During the current operating conditions (i.e. social distancing), School meetings will also be arranged via Zoom, so keep an eye on your mailbox for meeting links.

Fit and Proper Person (FPP) Test

Please be reminded that if you wish to order Quarantine material on the School Permit you must have completed and submitted the FPP documentation.  Please see Lawrie Myers for details, or Ext 51269.

OHS for Supervisors and Managers

OHS for Supervisors and Managers training is mandatory for all supervisors and managers, including academics who supervise or manage staff or students.  Paul Lovelock, FOM OHS Manager will run another training session on 29 April from 10am-12pm in 65-307, or via Zoom. 

Mould remediation

Following hot summer days and high humidity from several weeks of rain (and internal floods), the University is experiencing an explosion of mould growth through most of its buildings, differing in levels of severity.  The Facilities team have undertaken a room to room audit on identifiable mould growths and provided the resultant list to P&F, whom have contracted a mould remediation expert to undertake corrective cleaning and sanitisation. There is no timeframe for rectification at this point in time, but as soon as we have further information, this will be communicated further. In the meantime, proceed with self-monitoring your rooms and laboratories and let Harmony Rose know of any serious changes to infestation levels. Please feel free to spot clean your personal belongings and small mould breakouts – bottles of Exit Mould are available from the SBMS Stores.

Train Carriage Eatery

The landscaping in front of the Macgregor building (level 1) is coming to completion, with the train carriage about to undertake its transformation into a healthy food eatery. The opening of the eatery is earmarked for May 2020.

Building minor works

With the University's current freeze on expenditure, only building works that are critical to our normal business functions will be considered, with proper justification. This is being reviewed at regular intervals against the impact of the COVID-19 virus on UQ's financial status.

Student and Staff Networking Committee

As you may know, SBMS will soon have a new committee, the Student and Staff Networking committee (SaSN). This committee will work closely with SBMS SASS (the UQU club) to organise networking and fundraising events throughout the year and, of course, Friday Drinks (which we hoped to start soon! Lets see!). Keep an eye out for more information shortly.

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A Message from the Head of School

Our lives have all been overtaken, and perhaps for some overwhelmed, by SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes – Covid-19. The speed of the shift from a local problem being contained in Wuhan and Hubei province in China to a pandemic has surprised many of us well versed in the theory and practice of epidemics and the health sector response. Whether we like it or not, we all now have to respond in our personal and professional lives, coping with the increasing challenges and threats Covid-19 throws at us.

The University has been very quick to react and to work out how we best respond in uncertain and very stressful times. With many students quarantined in China and unable to enrol or return to classes, we have had to move rapidly to exclusive on-line teaching and to try to reassure all our anxious students how we would support then during first Semester and beyond; whilst ensuring their quality education was not at risk and that their health would be protected in ways that minimised their potential exposure to SARS-CoV-2.

The University’s response is predicated on how front-line academics can respond to the need to move as much as possible to providing on-line teaching, tutoring and assessments. The closer you get to the classroom the more arduous and time-consuming this becomes. Even with the extra resources and support available, and a week in which teaching has been suspended, the challenges mount up even as we plan for home delivery outside the UQ flipped classrooms.

I have been incredibly impressed how we have all responded as a School committed to ensuring continuity of study for our students whatever level of study they are enrolled for. It has been hard, very hard, for all of us but we have worked together, shared solutions and practical tips; and worked as one. Robust and dynamic organisations respond well to challenges and become more cohesive. This is exactly how we have responded – we are all in this together and all want the same for ourselves and our students. I am very proud of how SPH has coped. No wonder we have such a high Global Ranking!

We are not over this – indeed it is likely that it will get tougher as the need to practice social isolation ratchets up, and perhaps the inevitability that staff and students will get infected and fall sick. But we can continue as we have started, working as one, pressing on regardless and looking to the future when the epidemic has peaked, effective therapies identified and the vaccine is available.

In the meantime, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and keep washing your hands! 


Teaching and learning news

ITaLI has a fantastic resource to all teaching staff to assist with teaching during this difficult time.

Research news

The objective of the Ideas Grant Scheme is to support focused, innovative research projects. The scheme fosters creative research for teams of 1-10 Chief Investigators at all career stages to address specific question/s in any area of health and medical research from discovery to implementation (except where a Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies is the primary objective). 

Ideas grants applications will be completed in Sapphire, with the scheme open on 11th March 2020.

The objective of the Clinical Trials and Cohort (CT&CS) Studies scheme is to support high-quality clinical trials and cohort studies that address important gaps in knowledge, leading to relevant and implementable findings for the benefit of human health. Teams of up to 10 Chief Investigators may seek funding for up to five years. Laboratory-based research or mechanistic studies that are not clinical trials or cohort studies should be directed to other grant opportunities, such as the NHMRC’s Ideas Grant Scheme. CT&CS grant application will be completed in RGMS, with the scheme opening on 6th March 2020. UQ Research and Innovation (UQ R&I) Information session: 3 April 2020.

Please contact Kate or Cathy if you are going to be submitting this round.

CAHP Deadlines

For information on CAHP deadlines please click here.

SPH Reminders

  • The Seminar Series that was scheduled for Tuesday 24 March “An insight to the PhD Oral Examination Process: A Lived Experience” has been cancelled. We will be in touch soon with a new date.
  • If you miss attending a seminar session, recordings are available here.
  • For all research and consultancy support contact

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From the Director’s Desk

COVID-19 has now been declared a pandemic and in the future we will always remember these dramatic events of 2020. It will change the way we work and live for years to come. The most important thing for us to think about is keeping our mind clear, forgetting about the media hysteria that this infection has created. It is also a time to look out for each other, and for our entire community.

On a more practical note, I understand that in recent days there have been a number of staff and students affected by conference cancellations. Please be aware that UQ Insurance will be handling the claims to recover travel expenses, and further details can be found on the Insurance Services website.

And finally, congratulations to Carlos Salomon for receiving funding from the Donald and Joan Wilson Foundation, through the efforts of Nicole our Advancement Manager.

Dates for diaries

March 23rd
Research committee meeting – please send agenda items to Lisa Dingwall
March 24th
ECR Mentorship program panel interviews – see Roheen Gill
March 25th
Industry and commercialisation committee meeting – please send agenda items to Lisa Dingwall
April 1st
Group Leaders meeting

UQ Staff development calendar for March:

UQ Staff development calendar for April:

Paper of the Month Award

Changes to the Award

We are making some changes to the way which we reward our researchers for excellent research outputs through the new Paper of the Month award. Instead of requiring authors to submit their papers for consideration for this award, we will instead be reviewing all publications captured by Scopus for the previous month and awarding the prize to the first author of the original research paper which:

  1. Has a UQCCR researcher as first author
  2. Appears in the journal with the highest impact factor for that month.

To ensure your papers are considered for this award, make sure you are correctly publishing your UQCCR affiliation on your papers and that your ORCiD is up to date. See the UQCCR librarian if you need help with this.

Paper of the Month – February 2020

Congratulations to our February first author: Gloria Wong, a PhD student with Jason Roberts. Gloria’s paper, entitled β-Lactam pharmacodynamics in Gram-negative bloodstream infections in the critically ill appeared in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and concludes that β-lactam was a significant predictor of a positive clinical outcome in critically ill patients with Gram-negative BSI and could be considered an antibiotic dosing target. Congratulations Gloria!


ExpenseMe update 

The mobile app for the Expense Management System ProMaster, ExpenseMe, has recently been updated for improved functionality. More information can be found here.

UniFi training updates

We are pleased to advise the following interactive training material has recently been updated to provide users with up-to-date, accurate information. 

  • New Controlled Substances approval workflow
  • UQeMarket Free Format Requisitions

The full range of Finance training is available on Learn.UQ. 

UQ Wellness 

The UQ wellness spotlight for March is now available at:


UQCCR Grant Readership Scheme

A key activity of the UQCCR Research Committee and Grants Subcommittee is to facilitate enhancement in the quality of funding applications being submitted via UQCCR. To achieve this and to engage UQ CCR researchers in providing essential feedback on grant applications that are ready for internal review, a sustainable UQ CCR readerships scheme has been initiated. The scheme terms of reference and process information can be found on the UQCCR Staff Intranet in the research resources section. For further information please contact the RDO, Roheen Gill, at

Department information template

A PDF containing information related to UQ CCR Core facilities, equipment etc can be found on the research resources section of the UQ CCR intranet. This document can provide information that may be helpful in drafting ‘research environment’ section of the funding application. For further information please contact the RDO, Roheen Gill, at

Where to store your digital files

It’s important you safely and securely manage your files. Based on the type of information you are working with, it’s essential that you select an appropriate storage location that meets your needs, as well as UQ’s and regulatory compliance requirements.

Find out where you should be storing your files ›

Who can sign contracts for UQCCR researchers?

UQCCR Director (David) can sign…

Faculty ED can sign…

UQ Research signs…

Contracts on UQ templates up to $200,000 except for research contracts:

UQ template consultancy agreements

UQ template sponsorship agreement

UQ template CDA

Any contract up to $1m except for research contracts eg:

Sponsorship letters from companies

Consultancy agreements from companies


All research and research-related contracts eg:

Collaboration agreements

Clinical trial agreements


Data transfer agreements

Funding agreements

CDAs or NDAs for research projects


Send clean copy to

NB: any changes to templates go to UQ Legal via Centre Manager (Sarah).

Send via Centre Manager (Sarah)

Send via Research Partnerships Manager (Sabine) to or the generic email for Faculty of Medicine RPMs:

Career development

The Faculty of Medicine ECR committee are now canvassing UQ executives/committees who have the potential to support the priorities identified by the EMCR@UQ pathways document. ECRs can indicate which priorities they want initially addressed by completing the survey by the end of March.

Requests for help

Placements for Masters of Pharmaceutical Industry Practice

The UQ School of Pharmacy is looking for placement opportunities for their MPIP students this year. Possible placements could include clinical trials, and consist of students undertaking an 18 week project within a research group. Please contact Sarah Piper for more information or to take advantage of this opportunity.

Placements for Foundations of Medical Research (MEDI7281) students

Are you interested in supervising a medical student to conduct a small, health-related research, implementation or development project in 2020?

Call for Projects: We are currently inviting researchers to submit project proposals to supervise one or more students as part of the Foundations of Medical Research (MEDI7281) course. If you would like to supervise a student in 2020, please complete the project proposal form by 10 April 2020. Successful projects will be advertised to students during April-May.

Note: this is not the winter/summer scholar program or volunteer research. It is a 2-unit course within the MD program and projects must be conducted between July and October 2020, alongside students’ three other courses. Please keep this in mind when proposing projects and setting your expectations regarding project outcomes. 

Fundraising for Beyond Blue

Our management accountant, Deb Breville is taking on the Brisbane Coastrek 2020 - 30km team trekking challenge along beach and bushland in July 2020. She has teamed up with some amazing women, including Donna Heinke, to support mental health and wellbeing through Beyond Blue.

Deb says, “When we know someone is showing signs of sadness and anxiety, we often say, ‘Let’s catch up for a cuppa’. It’s our social go to, an offering of comfort, when we don’t know what else to do. The intention is always good, but life gets busy and that cuppa, that offer of support, doesn’t often eventuate. 

How can you help? I ask for a small donation, just the price of that cuppa. 

Our team goal is $2000 and you’ll be helping Beyond Blue improve the lives of people experiencing mental health challenges.”

You can support Deb’s fundraising efforts via this link: 

Easter Hamper Raffle

The Social group are raising funds for future social events in 2020. We have a scrumptious hamper of wonderful chocolate treats to raffle. Tickets are $2 and can be bought from Alex Wailan (Level 8) or virtually at The raffle will be drawn on Friday 3 April, so get in quick!

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Animal Ethics Committee April 2020 deadline

The UQDI deadline for submission of animal ethics amendments, extensions, adverse events and breeding applications for consideration at the HS AEC April 2020 meeting is 10am Wednesday 1 April to Kylie Hengst. Full project applications (and renewals) must be submitted by the UQ deadline of 5pm Thursday 2 April using the online form. Please remember that the new amendment form must be used. The previous modification form will no longer be accepted.

International Women’s Day 2020

UQDI celebrated International Women’s Day 2020 with inspiring presentations by Associate Professor Maree Toombs, Professor Gabrielle Belz, and Professor Christine Beveridge. Photographs of the event taken by PhD student Benedict Lum can be viewed here.

Upcoming events

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Note: Due to COVID-19 our seminars are cancelled until further notice.

UQDI Seminar Series

Each month UQDI hosts an external researcher to present a seminar to all staff and students. 

TRI Monthly Seminar Series

The TRI Monthly Seminar Series aims to attract internationally renowned speakers to present at TRI.TRI based researchers, if you would like to nominate a speaker, please contact them to ascertain their availability. If the speaker would like to present at TRI, please complete the online form and submit to

TRI Student Seminar Series

Each week, several research higher degree students and post-doctorate researchers will give a presentation on their research.These seminars will be held every Thursday, from 3–4pm in the Level 7 Staff Lounge. Drinks and snacks will be provided from 3pm.

TRI Cancer Seminar Series

This is an interdisciplinary seminar series, highlighting cutting edge clinical, translational, and basic research topics in cancer from our research partner institutes – UQ Diamantina, QUT and the Mater.

TRI Immunology Seminar Series

This fortnightly series features exciting research updates from ongoing early-to-mid career Immunology researchers, covering basic to translational research topics in immunology and immunotherapy.



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