CIA Name

Funding Body



Oliver Rawashdeh Michael J. Fox Validation of Period1 as a therapeutic target to improve sleep and circadian dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease $214,184
Brad Launikonis Jain Foundation Ca2+ handling and tubular (t-) system function in dysferlinopathy $202,780
Cassy Spiller The Kids' Cancer Project Development of a non-invasive diagnostic and prognostic assay for adolescent testicular cancer $50,000
Ethan Scott Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) Brain-wide mapping of sensory circuitry in zebrafish models of autism spectrum disorder $1,267,455

James Cuffe

Allen Foundation 2019

Understanding the relationship between Vitamin B12 deficiency in pregnancy and gestational diabetes mellitus


Brad Launikonis

AFM-Telethon Research Grant

Junctional membrane calcium dynamics in skeletal muscle fibres with ryanodine receptor variants


Carley Kilpatrick

Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation

Finding the missing gestation site for grey nurse sharks in Queensland


Ethan Scott

ARC Discovery 2019

Neural Mechanisms of water flow perception


Wally Thomas

ARC Discovery 2019

How tissues generate the peptide hormone angiotensin II


Lizzie Coulson

NHMRC Project 2019

Mechanisms and consequences of cholinergic neuron degeneration in sleep apnoea


Lisa Kaminskas

NHMRC Project 2019

Understanding the kinetics of nanomedicine clearance from healthy and diseased lungs


Sean Millard

NHMRC Project 2019

Identifying conserved splicing mechanisms in vivo


Dom Ng

NHMRC Project 2019

How defects in centrosome to microtubule attachment cause microcephaly


Johan Rosengren

NHMRC Project 2019

Pharmacological modulation of the relaxin-3/RXFP3 neuropeptide system for controlling feeding


Marc Ruitenberg

NHMRC Project 2019

Understanding the mechanism of action for intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in spinal cord injury


Ethan Scott

NHMRC Project 2019

Brain-wide mapping of sensory perception and integration in a vertebrate model


Sherry Wu

NHMRC Project 2019

Harnessing the immune system to battle ovarian cancer: A novel approach using naturally occurring exosomes