Website governance is about managing our online presence in a controlled and orderly way. This means letting content experts know they are responsible for making updates to their content. It means introducing triggers to ensure our content is kept up to date. And it means having staff trained to use the new CMS.

Website content owners

With dozens of websites across the Faculty of Medicine, it can be hard knowing who to talk to when requesting changes or getting approval to make updates. While website development, maintenance and editing (design and copy) sits with the marketing and communications team, responsibility for the content on respective sites is with the content experts. For example, research content is owned by the research office and philanthropy related content is owned by the advancement team.

The list below can be used to identify who is responsible for the content on websites across the Faculty.

All School, Centre and Institute websites

Overall ownership of content sits with the Centre/Institute Director or Head of School as they are driving the strategic direction of their organisational unit and have a big picture view. But in most instances, content owners are as follows:



Home page

Marketing and Communications Manager


Marketing and Communications Manager


Associate Dean (Research)

Future students/Study

Marketing and Communications Manager

Current students

Manager, Student and Academic Admin



News and events

Marketing and Communications Manager

Contact/Our people/Staff directory

Marketing and Communications Manager

In addition to the above list of content owners, some websites have additional sections. The content owners for these sections are listed below.