Incident and hazard reporting

Our obligations

Reporting and recording incidents and injuries is recognised as an important component in hazard control and incident prevention. As an employer, The University of Queensland has a legal obligation under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) to keep a record of all work-related injuries, illnesses and dangerous events (PPL 2.10.07 Workplace Injury, Illness and Incident Reporting (UQ Safe- Incident).

Reporting serious incidents

Serious incidents (Notifiable incidents) such as fatalities, serious bodily injury, work-caused illness, or a dangerous event must be reported to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland – the Director of the OHS Division at UQ (Level 6 Room 603, Building 69, St Lucia campus, Ph 3365 2365 or must review all notifiable incidents prior to notification to the Regulator.

Reporting hazards

Hazards presenting a risk to the health and safety of personnel or to the environment, and incidents or near-misses should be reported immediately to your supervisor, safety manager and/or UQ Security to assist with emergency support, and to mitigate the risk of an immediate recurrence. 

Recording details of an incident or hazard

The details of an incident or hazard can be reported on the UQSafe – Incident database. This database which provides staff, students, contractors and visitors with a user-friendly way to report occupational health and safety (OHS) related hazards and incidents. Guidance for workers and supervisors on the use of this system is also available at this page.

Incident Reporting Guides