Risk assessments

The importance of risk management

OHS risk management is an integral and vital component of the University’s safe system of work. It is informed by the Enterprise Risk Management Framework and is based on managing risks to the health and safety of workers by identifying hazards and eliminating or minimising the risk of exposure to those hazards.

Responsibilities for risk management

The risk assessment process is an essential component of supervisors' and workers' OHS obligations. Risk assessments must be performed with due diligence by the person/s undertaking the task. Workplace managers and supervisors have responsibility for ensuring those risk assessments are comprehensive and complete. Supervisors are responsible for checking and approving the risk assessment. Supervisors should ensure that these documents are incorporated into the training and induction process for workers embarking on the task.

Reviewing and updating risk assessments

Any changes to work processes, or the way that tasks are carried out, should trigger a review and updating of risk assessments. New work processes might include new training requirements or the use of new equipment or chemicals. Risk assessments should also be regularly reviewed as a matter of routine to ensure that the risk management processes remain current and effective.

Risk management database upgrade

The University has recently upgraded its risk management database and the process of this transition and explanatory notes can be followed here. Risk assessments filed on the old system are no longer editable but can be copied and modified to meet the requirements of the new system.

A presentation introducing the main users functions of the new system was given at TRI in November 2017. View the slides from this presentation.

Risk assessment templates

There are many risk assessments now online for you to review and possibly select for cloning and modification for your use. 

Some of these have been created by members of the Faculty for you to use as a template or a guide. Simply search for ‘FoM Template’ in the filter function.

If you make a copy, it is important to edit and "personalise" it to ensure all information is relevant to the procedure you are performing.

If you’re doing this on behalf of your local workgroup, we suggest you establish a naming convention (possibly based on your group/section name) so that you and others can find your own customised risk assessments. 

Everyone working on a particular task must read these risk assessments and understand how to manage the hazards inherent in that task.

Access the UQ risk assessment database

For more information or training in Risk Assessment at UQ visit the UQ Risk website.

View the Risk Assessment Guide

Launch UQ Safe Risk

Launch the legacy Risk Assessment Database


Contribute to our risk assessment template library

We’re always seeking to expand this library of risk assessment so if you have a favourite please contact Faculty of Medicine OHS  at med.ohs@uq.edu.au. We’ll review it, deidentify it and possibly upload to our library for others in the Faculty to use. If you’d like help with the risk assessment process, please contact your local safety manager or Faculty of Medicine OHS  at med.ohs@uq.edu.au