Your OHS responsibilities

OHS is a responsibility shared by students and staff alike.

Staff OHS Responsibilities 

Staff and HDR students at all levels within The University of Queensland have specific responsibilities for ensuring Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), depending on their role/s within the University. Refer to PPL 2.10.4 Staff Responsibilities for Occupational Health and Safety. More details about the legislative and governance framework underpinning our practice are available here , including a link to register for free access to the Environment Essentials resources, providing online directories that summarise, categorise and help identify environmental and OHS/WHS requirements in Australia.

OHS responsibilities should be incorporated into staff position descriptions, and the associated performance criteria should be utilised during annual performance reviews.

Responsibilities for Deans, Senior Managers, Heads of School/Organisational Units, Supervisors, individual staff and students are outlined in detail below.

What are your OHS responsibilities?

Specialist Workplace Health and Safety Roles at UQ

UQ appoints and elects staff to undertake specialist workplace Health and Safety duties at UQ.

Responsibilities for Work Health and Safety Coordinators/Managers (WHSC) and Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) are outlined in detail below.