The HDR Epidemiology & Biostatistics Coursework Scheme is designed to enhance the research skills of our Higher Degree Research Students. The Faculty of Medicine will meet course costs for one of the courses listed below, taken over the course of your student candidature in the Faculty of Medicine. Your Principal Advisor may meet the costs of additional courses.

To allow students to commence in first semester courses, which commence in the week of 25th February, we require only a brief Expression of Interest (EOI) by Friday 1st February 2019.

Important dates for Semester 1 2019

  • EOI to be lodged by COB 1 February 2019
  • Course commencement 25 February 2019
  • Last date for enrolment in additional courses 8 March 2019
  • Census date/Last date to withdraw without academic penalty 31 March 2019

Courses available






Course Coordinator


Introduction to Biostatistics


Internal & External



Dr Peter Baker


Introduction to Epidemiology


Internal & External


Dr Melinda Protani


Clinical Epidemiology


Internal & External


Dr Anna Finnane


Practical Regression Analyses


Internal & External

or equivalent

Professor Gail Williams


Epidemiology in Practice


Internal & External

PUBH7600 or equivalent

Dr Melinda Protani


Methods of Clinical Epidemiology


Internal & External

PUBH7650 or equivalent

Dr Anna Finnane


Advanced Epidemiology and Biostatistics (minimum enrolment numbers apply)

Summer Intensive


PUBH7631 or equivalent

Professor Gail Williams


You must contact the course coordinator if considering this course.

Eligibility criteria

  • The student must be actively enrolled in a PhD or MPhil program, enrolled via the UQ Faculty of Medicine enrolling unit.
    • Due to specific funding arrangements, Faculty of Medicine students in MRI-UQ and QIMRB are not eligible for support from this scheme, however local support may be available.
  • The course commencement date must be prior to the student’s Thesis Review milestone
  • Students will formally enrol in the course and must undertake the required course assessment 

How to apply

To request funding for enrolment under this scheme for 2018 Semester 2 courses:

  1. Review the course profile, prerequisites and timetabling, and discuss your participation with your Principal Advisor. 
  2. Any questions about your suitability for undertaking the course, prerequisites or assumed prior knowledge should be discussed with the Course Coordinator for that course.
  3. Ask your Principal Advisor to sign this form and submit it along with your EOI by Friday 13th July for Semester 2 2018.  We will advise you promptly of the Faculty decision to meet your course costs or not.
  4. Once you receive confirmation that your enrolment in a course will be funded, you must subsequently request enrolment in the course through the Candidate Management System.
    1. Select Manage my candidature; Changing your candidature; Enrol in or cancel additional courses; Request now. Read the relevant policy information and follow the instructions to complete your request. Once submitted, your request will progress through approvals by your advisor, your postgraduate coordinator and the course coordinator before the Graduate School initiates your enrolment. 


Q. Do I have to pay fees?
A. You do not have to pay fees.  

Q. Do I have to fulfil the prerequisites?
A. If you are interested in enrolling in a course that lists prerequisites then you will need to be able to fulfil those requirements before enrolling. If you have specific questions about prerequisites please contact the course coordinator directly.

Q. Are courses offered in other semesters?
A. Each semester offers a different range of courses. If you are interested in a specific course then you will need to confirm which semester it is available

Q. Can courses be taken remotely?
​A. The Course Coordinator will be able to answer this question if you contact them directly. The coordinator and their email address is listed against each course.

Q. Course dates for PUBH7632, Advanced Epi and biostats 
A. We can't confirm dates yet, but the course will be at approximately the same time as previous years. Its delivery will depend upon enrolments. Students interested in this course must contact the Course Coordinator prior to submitting an Expression of Interest.

Q. At what stage of my candidature should I do one of these courses? 
A. You should plan this with your supervisor, so that you gain skills at the best time as you approach your own data analysis.

Q. Am I eligible if I have not reached confirmation yet?
A. Yes, you are eligible even if you have not reached confirmation yet. 

Q. I have just done my Thesis review can I still enrol?
A. No. It will be too late for this to help you with your candidature.

Q. Will the Faculty of Medicine support more than one course?
A. No. If you require further courses please discuss funding support with your supervisor.

Q. Can I pay the course costs myself?
A. No. University of Queensland does not charge HDR students course costs.

Q. If I fail or don’t finish the course will it affect my higher degree completion?
A. The Graduate School has advised that any courses that are undertaken that are not a requirement of the program are not taken into account for examination. However the grades will still show on your official record.

Q. Do I have to enrol or can I just sit in?
A. The Faculty of Medicine expects students to enrol and complete all assessments.

Q. Do I have to undertake the assessment or can I audit the class?​
A. Assessment is essential to gaining the knowledge and practical skills offered in each course so students will be expected to undertake assessments. Auditing might be considered in some cases, as a refresher of previous study at an equivalent level. Auditing does not fall under this Faculty support scheme, and should be discussed with the course coordinator and your supervisor.

Q. I have missed the EOI deadline can I still apply?
A. Contact the course coordinator initially to discuss enrolment and then contact