HDR students need to obtain approval from the Head/Director of their school/centre, before undertaking authorised UQ travel.

Authorised travel is where a currently enrolled UQ student undertakes an authorised activity more than 50km away from their usual residence or study location and involves an overnight stay. The activity must be related to their enrolment as a student.  Detailed information on the UQ Student Travel Procedure including approval processes, insurance, risk management and responsibilities can be found in the Student Travel Procedure. HDR students should read section 4.2.5 of the procedures in particular, and use the Student Traveller Declaration form for both domestic and international travel.

This form applies to all HDR student travel related to their enrolment as an HDR Student. It should not be used for personal travel, or if travelling as a staff member.  The form must be completed by the HDR Student and endorsed by their Principal Advisor and Head of School prior to undertaking travel.  Please send the form, signed by you and your principal advisor, to your school/centre Head/Director as listed below.

School / Centre:

Send your signed form to:

School of Biomedical Sciences
Professor Lizzie Coulson: sbms.hos@uq.edu.au
School of Medicine
Professor Stuart Carney, via EA: med.medicaldean.ea@uq.edu.au
School of Public Health
Professor Liz Eakin, via EA: sph.hos.ea@uq.edu.au
Centre for Clinical Research
Chris Shannon: please email centre.manager@uqccr.edu.au
Centre for Health Services Research
Professor Monika Janda: chsrapprovals@uq.edu.au
Child Health Research Centre
Professor Craig Munns: chrc.director@uq.edu.au
Frazer Institute
Professor Paul Clarke: fi.director@uq.edu.au
Mater Research Institute-UQ
Professor Maher Gandhi: executive@mater.uq.edu.au
Copy Mater Student Enquiries: student.enquiries@mater.uq.edu.au
Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, HaBS
Please contact poche.hdr.support@uq.edu.au for the UQ Poche Centre’s process 
QIMR Berghofer
Professor Glen Boyle: glen.boyle@qimrberghofer.edu.au