Information for supervisors

Project submission deadline is Thursday 21 February 2019.

Complete Project Submission Form

For more information, please see the brochures for supervisors and for scholars at the UQ Winter Research Program website

Things to consider:

  • The students are undergraduates and will be relatively unskilled. They will need supervision and mentoring.
  • Will you or others involved be available mid-June to mid-July?
  • Be realistic and clear in your expectations of attendance, which can be between 20-36 hours per week, and the start and finish dates for the project.
  • Projects located at hospital sites need hospital departmental approval before being listed and you will need to meet both UQ and hospital ethics and governance requirements before the student commences. 
  • We recommend that your project description asks the students to discuss the project with you before applying. You should communicate to the student your interest in accepting them (or not) but you should not offer any student a confirmed place.
  • Students who don’t apply through UQ Employability for an advertised project cannot receive this funding and will not receive certification of their participation.
  • Projects listed on the Medical Student Research Portal must be proposed specifically though this process to be considered for scholarship funding.
  • Students can submit only one application, but can specify a second preference option within the Faculty.
  • Medical students are ineligible to apply due to teaching schedule for phase 1 and 2. Medical students should consider the Summer Research Program in November 2019 to February 2020.