UQ has many agreements with funding bodies, hospitals, industry and other collaborators. These agreement contain obligations around confidentiality and intellectual property. Where a student is involved in a project that is governed by an agreement with a third party, the student will be required to sign a Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement (SIPCA).

SIPCAs are required for all projects where:

(a) funding is being provided by an external funding body (except UQ-administered NHMRC grants),

(b) the student intends to access hospital samples, data or facilities, or

(c) there are other agreements in place with third parties for the project.

UQ recommends that students obtain independent legal advice before signing the SIPCA.

When completed, please send your SIPCA to med.researchcontracts@uq.edu.au

If candidates require independent legal advice, this will be available at no cost (after they’re enrolled) from the UQ Student Union Legal Advisor.

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