An HDR Student Committee has been established to enable our HDR students to contribute to Faculty decision making, to enhance the student cohort experience and to improve professional development opportunities. The committee will assist the Faculty HDR Committee with matters concerning HDR students, programs and administration, and will consult with other HDR Student Committee members, as required.

Membership will change yearly, and the 2022 members are:

  • Victoria Adegoke (SBMS)
  • Amanda Bordin (UQCCR)
  • Kelly D'cunha (SPH)
  • Keshia De Guzman (CHSR)
  • Phoebe Duncombe (SBMS)
  • Ghaz Hashemi Mazlaghanian (UQDI)
  • Vaibhavi Joshi (UQCCR)
  • Amir Kamel Rahimi (CHSR)
  • Karen Mistry (CHRC)
  • Austin Read (SBMS)
  • Haressh Sajiir (MRI-UQ)
  • Svetlana Shatunova (MRI-UQ)
  • Hannah Triscott (Medical School)
  • Yunan Ye (UQCCR)