Academic Title Holders

Eligibility Guide for Academic Title Holders

Academic Titles are awarded to health professionals who make significant contributions to The University of Queensland. To be eligible for consideration for the conferral of an academic title, a health professional will be a regular and significant contributor to the University’s teaching, research and engagement program. Academic titles for health professionals are awarded at a level consistent with that used for UQ appointed staff and governed by the Academic Titles for Health Professionals policy. The ATH Promotion pathway is also available for UQ clinical academic health professional appointees, including conjoint or seconded staff, who hold a fractional appointment up to 0.3 FTE.

Academic Promotion at UQ

The University of Queensland is committed to the development and retention of high-performing staff and academic title holders (ATH) through academic promotion. The principles of academic promotion at the University are underpinned by UQ’s policy and procedures as outlined in the Criteria for Academic Performance Policy. The process of academic promotion differs between UQ Appointed Academic staff and Academic Title Holders. To recognise the contribution made to UQ and to support the professional development of health professionals, the University encourages Academic Title Holders (ATH) to apply for promotion.

Academic progression for UQ appointed staff is managed centrally for all academic
levels and all academic categories (see the 
UQ Academic Promotion website for more information). For Academic Title Holders, the process of academic promotion is more streamlined and is managed by the Faculty of Medicine.