Global strategy

We live in an interconnected world. 44 per cent of the Faculty’s staff were born outside of Australia; more than 1200 of our students are international and come from more than 60 countries. We are clear about our social responsibilities to our region and as a Faculty, we aim to make significant and meaningful contributions to the University’s global impact.

This strategy aims to guide and support our goal to be Australia’s most globally connected biomedical, medical and public health faculty and it builds on the University of Queensland’s Global Strategy. Our strategy is aligned to our Faculty’s strategic intent and is designed to strengthen our commitment to People and culture; Leading research, and Student success.

People and culture

Promoting global citizenship and social accountability

As a Faculty, we recognise that our people are our most important asset. To fulfil our global ambitions, we commit to:

  • Social justice, fairness, equality and acknowledgement of different values and beliefs in working with our international partners
  • Providing a culture of support and respect for our staff and students
  • Nurturing and extending our domestic and international collaborations
  • Continuing our focus on recruiting and retaining the most talented students and staff.

Leading research

Enhancing our research and strengthening the Faculty’s reputation

Our medical, biomedical and public health research saves lives and improves human health in material and lasting ways. As a Faculty we will provide an environment that enables our staff to achieve this by:

  • Supporting and enabling world-class and impactful research
  • Strategically developing early and mid-career researchers.

Education and student success

Promoting graduate employability

Our students represent the next generation of leaders in heath and academia. To prepare them to lead change in the communities they serve, we will:

  • Enhance the learning experience through the purposeful selection and personalised support of a diverse student cohort
  • Prepare graduates who are successful and highly valued by employers.

In operationalising our global strategy, our values drive our behavious and activities:

  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Creativity and independent thinking
  • Mutual respect and diversity
  • Honesty and accountability
  • Inclusiveness and wellbeing.