Our faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and to providing world class learning experiences and outcomes for some of our brightest domestic and international students. To ensure we maintain their high level learning trajectory, we are committed to supporting our staff to become excellent teachers and to developing innovative and engaging teaching practices. We have provided some useful links below to help our teachers and educators stay at the forefront of learning here at UQ.

E-learning tools and methods

Online learning is playing a growing role in higher education and learning. To help teaching staff embrace eLearning, some useful tools and methods are presented below:

Innovation and professional development

The University provides a range of programs, short courses, and resources to enhance and develop staff teaching and learning skills. Opportunities for staff to build on their teaching and learning skills and  knowledge are presented below.

News, events and workshops

The links below will help you keep in touch with the latest teaching events, news and seminars.

Structure and organisation of teaching and learning at UQ

Helpful links about the structure of teaching and learning at UQ:

Teaching and learning awards

UQ attracts the best teachers who have a desire to share their expertise with our increasingly discerning students and to help create new knowledge about our world and how to solve its mysteries and challenges.

Professor Peter Høj AC, Vice-Chancellor and President, The University of Queensland

Through its teaching awards, UQ recognises its most outstanding teachers who, through their excellence in teaching and devotion to the student experience, will affect the professional lives of students long after graduation. Staff who have been honoured with teaching awards are outstanding mentors who add meaning and value to what they teach and help produce well rounded graduates that have the UQ Advantage.

The Faculty of Medicine is committed to teaching excellence. We encourage our teaching staff to apply for a range of internal and external funding award opportunities and professional development grants presented below. 

Simulated Patient Program

The Simulated Patient Program is a vital part of medical education at UQ. Simulated Patients are trained to portray patients realistically and consistently in simulated clinical encounters such as medical interviews. The Program is also used by other organisations for postgraduate teaching and assessment, and for special projects in the health field where the realistic portrayal of patients is required.