International expert teaching new wave of Public Health graduates

As the saying goes - knowledge is power. And what better way to empower yourself and improve your knowledge, than by learning from an international expert.

When you enrol in a Master of Public Health, you will be taught by lecturers who are leaders in their field - experts like Dr Simon Reid, Associate Professor of Global Disease Control and one of the world's leading epidemiologists.

Simon’s research focuses on improving the detection and control of major animal to human (zoonotic) and other infectious diseases, such as Ebola and Zika.

His expertise is unique and his lectures on One Health – the idea that recognises that the health of humans is connected to the health of animals and the environment – put UQ’s Master of Public Health in a league of its own.

This is the only MPH course in Australia, designed to provide instruction in the application of systems thinking, to the control of zoonotic diseases. UQ’s MPH encourages students to take an evidence based approach to improve the detection and control of infectious diseases.

One Health responds to a pressing global need to take an interdisciplinary approach to infectious disease surveillance, control and health systems, through a trans-disciplinary framework, with special emphasis on human and animal public health and services.

Dr Simon Reid

Simon’s international research and One Health program teaching experience covers China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji – providing students with a truly global perspective of how to monitor and control public health threats.

A learning experience no other public health program can offer – UQ’s MPH covers a broad range of topics unavailable at other universities. This allows students to better tailor their learning experience to fit their specific goals. This is inspired learning, for the new generation of public health graduates and it is already creating change in the world – just ask our graduates.

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