Researcher biography

Applied health information database systems and data linkage analysis. Simon is the administrator of the University's REDCap data collection system which hosts a large number of studies across the University of Queensland. Simon develops customised web-based data collection tools for clinical trials and surveys, stand-alone databases using Microsoft Access for quality assured study data collection, including large multi-country systems for monitoring, evaluation and disease elimination. Simon has been involved with health research at the University of Queensland since 1989, providing consultantions on complex data manipulation and analysis using a variety of custom scripting including code for Microsoft Access, SAS, SPSS and Epi-Info.

Projects include: data collection and management of the project: "COVID-19 Critical Care Consortium", "Conquering schistosomiasis in China: the last mile" (SPH@UQ, QIMR, ANU et al), web based randomisation and data entry system for the "Laparoscopic Approach To Cervical Carcinoma" trial (QCGC, UQ funded by NHMRC); a multi-state mortality data cleaning and reporting database system for Indonesia (SPH, UQ funded by the Health Metrics Network, WHO), data analysis for ex-prisoner mortality study (SPH, UQ funded by NHMRC).