Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Michael Piper


Organisational unit: School of Biomedical Sciences

Research group: Piper Group - Neural stem cells in development and disease

The birth of new neurons within the mature cerebral cortex, a process termed neurogenesis, plays a critical role in learning, memory and spatial navigation. We are investigating various aspects of adult neurogenesis in rodent models, such as neural stem cell quiescence . We are also interrogating the consequences of abnormal neurogenesis using behavioural tests for learning and memory. We employ a range of transgenic mice to investigate adult neurogenesis, coupled with techniques ranging from immunocytochemistry, behavioural testing, analysis of axonal connectivity and genome-wide sequencing platforms. Given the critical roles that learning and memory play in our everyday lives, and the fact that neurogenesis within the adult brain diminishes with age, this research will provide fundamental insights into how this vital process is co-ordinated at a cellular and molecular level.