Faculty of Medicine induction for new students

(This material is provided for remote candidates or those who were unable to attend on 16/8/18 due to illness, or other compelling reason/s.)​

  • Agenda
  • Slides
  • Video recordings of last session (on 16/08/18)
    1. Postgraduate Coordinator’s talk (A/Prof Judith Greer) 00:00 - 00:56
    2. Intellectual Property and Your Research (Ms Jen Sodziak) 56:42 - 01:09
    3. Library services for HDRs (Mr Lars Eriksson) 01:10 - 01:33
    4. ITS for HDRs & Research Integrity (HLO Jason Huynh on behalf of Mr Todd O’Connell and Prof Gail Williams) 01:33 - 01:41
    5. Statistics Service (A/Prof Jason Ferris) 01:41 - 02:01
    6. Student Services (Dr Kevan Jones) 02:02 - 02:25
    7. OH&S (Mr Deon Knight) 02:25 - 02:53

Managing your candidature

Make changes

View the Graduate School 'Changing Your Candidature' page or log into your my.uq >> my requests to make changes such as:

  • how to change your project title or
  • extending your scholarship (UQ payroll administered only) or
  • change your advisory team or
  • request an extension or interruption


HDR Student Support and Services

Your research

Professional development

Courses/events/training will also be advertised via the Faculty’s e-Newsletter ‘The Rounds’, which is sent fortnightly to all students and staff.  

Faculty Office

Please click the above link for more information on our faculty research events, both past and upcoming.