Academic Title Holders (ATHs) provide vital educational input to the MD Program through their clinical teaching contributions. ATHs support students and facilitate their learning in clinical placements. See the Welcome to ATHs video to get an orientation to the role.

Find out more about Academic Titles at the Faculty ATH pages, including eligibility, and benefits of being an ATH.

Welcome to ATHs!

Educational practice and the ATH role

Whatever the level of your Academic Title (Assoc. Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assoc. Prof., or Professor) there are some fundamental educational principles that should drive your practice and course design decisions, and guide you in your interactions with your students. These include:

  • a focus on "facilitating learning" not "delivering content"
  • a focus on active learning, independent learning, and learner agency
  • an educational alliance between you and your students
  • the provision of feedback that is tailored to the educational needs of the student.



If only my teachers understood these pricnciples when I was their student! I am going to change my practice now!