Research Week 2018

“Research plays a pivotal role in our Faculty. Like teaching, it takes both passion and commitment. This Research Week, we wanted to showcase not only the phenomenal work being done by our researchers, but also who they are as people.  Resilience, curiosity, and a desire to make the world a better place are central to being a great researcher – whether your research is focused on empowering disadvantaged populations, or developing a breakthrough vaccine. So allow me to introduce you to seven of our Faculty’s colourful and talented early- and mid-career researchers. Please take a moment to watch their stories, learn about what inspires them, see them without their labcoats, and discover for yourself how their research is making an impact.”

Professor Liz Eakin
Associate Dean (Research)

Dr Taylor Dick

“We are interested in determining what happens to our muscles, and the way our brain chooses to activate them as a result of ageing, obesity, or neuromuscular disease. My research is trying to better understand what happens when things go wrong or start to wear down, either from disease or ageing.”

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Dr Natasha Reid

“If we can develop effective interventions to prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder from happening, we can change the whole trajectory of a child’s life.”

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Dr Patrick Harris

“The world is facing a looming crisis with rising antibiotic resistance. The research I’m involved in looks to define the best ways to prevent, detect and treat serious infections involving drug-resistant organisms.”

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Dr Kim-Huong Nguyen

“Researching ways to help empower vulnerable populations is at the heart of my work and something I feel so privileged to do and so passionate about – it is the driving force behind my research.”

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Dr Mitchell Sullivan

“There is still so much we don’t understand about diabetes. Therefore there is a good chance many therapies of the future will be made possible by fundamental knowledge we have yet to discover.”

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Dr Jazmina Gonzalez Cruz

“Research can be a really challenging career and there are lots of struggles – lack of funding, support, and recognition. There are often long days and weekends in the lab, but I’ve been fortunate to meet many wonderful people and mentors.”

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Dr Fiona Charlson

“I am lucky to enjoy some high-profile partnerships with people and institutions doing outstanding research. These partnerships are actively contributing to public health policy and planning around the world – which is amazing..”

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